About Quality Pet Foods

For optimal health, we feed and only recommend feeding a variety of high quality holistic and fresh foods & treats (made in the USA). We understand that high quality pet foods cost more, but in the end, the vet bill will be less due to the illness caused by those low quality pet foods. We posted some of the articles we found about the "Reasons for Holistic & Fresh Premium food." Stay informed of latest news and RECALLS: DogFoodaAvisor.com and TruthAboutPetGood.com

Pet Fooled (Documentaries)

Excellent and shocking movie that expose the truth! Don't be fooled. Do not feed any big commercial toxic pet food brands! Pet Fooled Official Site


Important: PlanetPaws.com has many great videos on pet health, fresh/holistic/raw food and dangers of toxic brands. Watch their fun, educational short videos!

Reasons for Holistic & Fresh Premium food

Brands we like and feed to our own pets

Sold at Pet Food Express, Pet Club, Waggin Tail, some at Petco and quality stores.

Supplements we like:

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