Furry Friends Rescue
Dedicated to the Rescue, Sanctuary and Adoption of Companion Animals


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for FFR dogs & cats! Below are currently open volunteer positions. We are all volunteer foster homes. We have no shelter building or office.

Foster homes for Dogs/Puppies & Cats/Kittens

Be a hero to a furry kid! Our purpose and mission is to help save the lives of innocent dogs, puppies, cats & kittens that were abandoned and on death row of over-crowded animal shelters or some are found starving and/or injured in the streets. Our foster homes provide sanctuary for our rescued animals, so we can only save as many lives as we have foster homes. We have about 200+ active & dedicated volunteers and foster homes and 9000 team supporters since November 1998 throughout Northern California. Together as a team, we have saved over 13,000 animals and assist 70 shelters and other rescue groups via our website.

Each friendly dog or cat we rescue is first vet checked and vaccinated, groomed, dewormed, spay/neutered and ID Chipped/ID tagged. We try to match the rescue dog or cat (size, age, activity level & personality) to the foster home's enviroment and lifestyle. We provide all the basic supplies, cover any needed vet expenses with our authorized vets, and guidance from our experienced foster counselors and trainers. The dog or cat then gets TLC, basic home training and relaxes at your home until their perfect home finds them via our website or adoption showcases. Home visits are done for every adoption to insure safety and quality loving home for life. We strive for adoption for life, not short term. We look for the best match for the dog or cat so they will be a cherished family member. The foster home parents play an important part in the interview process to insure a match for their foster dog or cat. They are welcome to go on the home visits if they like or want to be trained. Back up "pet-sitting" for the foster animal is also provided. Open your heart and home to a rescued dog, puppy, cat or kitten. Feel the warmth in your heart and know that you are his or her Guardian Angel. Just look into their thankful and happy eyes.

Foster homes! Save your receipts for all your foster dogs and/or cats to claim the expenses during tax time. Fostering expenses are eligible for deductions are food/treats, medicines, veterinary bills, crates & supplies. Read article "Filing Taxes? Don't Forget to Claim Your Foster Dog!".

Foster Applications

If interested, please read Foster Home Network page and fill out our online application below:

Foster to Adopt! Want to Adopt but Not Sure?

New rescues and animals with no foster homes are available for foster to adopt. It takes at least 2-3 weeks for a dog or kitty to settle in a home to see their true personality.

Help us save abandoned dogs, pups, cats & kittens (many under-age) from many over-crowded shelters. Let us know what breed type, size and activity level you are looking for. We can then rescue possible matches for you to foster to adopt. Please fill out our online application for dog or online application for cats to foster.

Volunteers for Dog & Cat Adoption Showcases

FFR Volunteers

Adult Volunteers are needed to help us at all our weekend Dog and Cat Adoption Showcases. Please see our Showcase Location page for day, times and locations (Pet Food Express, Fremont and Saratoga, CA).

You will be representing FFR as a great volunteer! Please follow our "Code of Ethics" of being Professional, Honorable, Positive and Courteous to everyone. Our mission is on behalf of finding forever homes for our rescue dogs and cats. We all work together as a team.

View Our Volunteer Photo Gallery

Adult Dog or Cat Showcase Volunteers


  • Set up half hour before showcase begins (must be able to lift some equipment: Metal Dog Pens, Table, Cat cages)
  • Watch over our dogs or cats, area and Jr. Volunteers during showcase or events. Please be comfortable with dogs or cats.
  • Help walk FFR dog or transport as needed.
  • Learn and abide by our "Safety Rules", Procedures and "Code of Ethics and Conduct" for showcases and events.
  • Learn to help answer questions to the public.
  • Help with miscellaneous event projects and breakdown.

All interested adult volunteers can email: volunteer@furryfriendsrescue.org or stop by our showcase location to sign up to volunteer.

Junior & College Showcase Volunteers


  • Setup half hour before showcase begins
  • Watch over a dog or puppy during the showcase
  • Help with showcase breakdown
  • Help at events
Jr. Volunteer Natalie and Crissy

Junior (must be 12 years+) and College Volunteers (18 yrs+) for Community Service Hours: To help at our weekly Dog Adoption Showcases, you must attend our "Dog Adoption Showcase Safety Orientation". To sign up, please email jrvolunteer@furryfriendsrescue.org. You will receive an email from the FFR Junior Volunteer Director to inform you of the date and location of the next class. Each class is limited to 10 new volunteers. If you are 12 to 17 years old, you must attend our orientation with your parent or guardian.

At our orientation, you will learn our safety rules and procedures, can buy your FFR T-shirt and receive your official FFR Volunteer Name Badge. For Community Service Hours: We require a commitment minimum of 24 hours of service with FFR.

View photo album of our fantastic Junior Volunteers!

Cat Adoption & Rescue Counselors

Due to the growth of FFR's Cat Rescue team and our pro-active capabilites to rescue from 20 Animal Shelters in No. Calif., we need more committed, responsible and experienced cat counselors with cat knowledge. Handle day to day rescues, evaluate and temp. test cats, help with coordinations of cats from shelter to vet to foster homes, handle day to day phone calls/emails, help at weekly Adoption Showcases (see Showcase Locations), manage/coordinate foster homes, interview adoption interests and handle/or schedule Home Visits for adoption. Must have home computer for emails. Work with dedicated cat lovers who all strive for adoptions for life!

Spay & Neuter Program Manager

Position involves the research, implementation and management of searching for low cost and no charge spay & neuter programs and free Feral Cat sp/n clinics. Information to be loaded on our website resource page of sp/n clinics/programs, implement voucher or information program, search out and apply for various clinic, city incentives, grants (ie Bob Barker Sp/N grant) and national resources. Build/increase awareness and educate the public of the importance of spay & neuter (over pet population) thru various community events, creative marketing, flyers and other sources of media. Reply to email or phone inquires. Volunteer should have general business and rescue experience, home computer and fax. Report to President and work closely with FFR senior staff team.


Doggie Driver

Help transport dogs or cats from Bay Area shelters to vet offices, to foster homes or to adoption showcase.

Cat Director

Upon experience working with the entire cat rescue team; manage cat rescue program, showcases, shelters and foster homes. Must have home computer, email & Fax machine. Work closely with President, VP, Board and Sr. Team.

Dog Adoption Follow-up Counselors

This position is only available to FFR volunteers with several months hands-on experience helping at dog showcases, dog training skills to understand dog behavior, and partnering with other lead volunteers to ensure knowledge of FFR procedures, safety and practices. The volunteer will make follow up calls or e-mail to dog and puppy adopters about 3 weeks after adoption. They will also contact puppy adopters to insure they attend puppy training classes, get their booster shots and spay/neuter surgery & rabies vaccinations at appropriate times. Obtain proof of sp/n & rabies to give to Canine Administrator and/or President for sp/n refund.

Digital Photographers

Take digital photos of new rescued dogs or cats at our adoption showcases, vet office or sometimes at a foster home for our website and social media. Take photos at our FFR Events. Possible help take photos of dogs or cats at local animal shelters as needed. Required equipment: Digital Camera (SLR), Computer, and photo editing program.

Event Leads / Volunteers

Mindy and Martin

Mindy & Martin

Event Volunteers needed at our various events we attend or host throughout the year. See our "Calendar of Events" for listing of our events. Especially need volunteers to help with various positions for our upcoming "Tail Waggin" Walk & Costume Contest. Good coordination and planning skills. Must have e-mail at home. Work with FFR Event Director and President on event projects. Must be available to help with set up and coordinations during the event.

Shelter Outreach Assistance

This position is only available to FFR volunteers with several months hands-on experience helping at dog showcases, photographing dogs/cats, editing photos, handling dogs (safety), some dog training skills to understand dog behavior at shelters (nervous or fearful), and partnering with other lead volunteers to ensure knowledge of FFR procedures, safety and practices. The volunteer should be comfortable around both cats and dogs. Must coordinate with shelter staff to meet and take photos quickly so we can help them improve their visability for adoption or rescue. City shelters are usually super busy with minimal staff and have large number of animals to manage. Shelter staff needs to trust our experienced and trained volunteer to handle their dog or cat for photos. The volunteer will either load the photos into our web site Shelter page or coordinate with FFR Web Loader team to update the shelter photo.

Literature Fulfillment Coordinator

Orlando and Nemo

Orlando & Nemo

Volunteer will be responsible to maintain supply of all FFR Brochures, Contracts, Literature for New Adopter's packages, event brochures or flyers and any other necessary documents needed at Adoption Showcases. Distribute event literature to various pet stores, vet offices, and post where applicable. Person would keep original copy of documents and run off copies as needed to supply and stock Adoption Showcase or Event. Must have home computer, email and printer. Copy expenses are reimbursed by FFR.

Yes, I Want to Volunteer! What's Next?

Our success in saving hundreds of furry lives is because of all our dedicated volunteers and foster homes. To see photos and videos of Furry Friends Rescue team in action, please see our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, photo album and YouTube page.