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Phree, adopted 2013

Dumped in the streets with terrible physical conditions... Read how this sweetie Phree found a loving FOREVER family to live healthy and happy life!

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 Guardian Assistance Program

Our Guardian Assist program is provided to help you find and place your beloved dog into a new forever home, utilizing the Furry Friends Rescue, Petfinder.com, and AdoptaPet.com websites (LOTS of traffic to these websites), advertising and adoption showcases.

Your dog needs to be social (people friendly), should be animal friendly and can be handled/petted.

If you would like to participate in this program, you must:


Guardian Assistance Dog - Murray 2010

  • Email us at: info@furryfriendsrescue.org so we may contact you and schedule a time to meet. If you don't have email you can call us at (510) 794-4703 but response will be delayed due to our busy schedules.
  • Email your vet records of current exam, vaccinations, dewormed, any tests and spay/neuter. Dogs must have DHPP, Bordatella & Rabies (4 mos. & older).
  • No "Adoption Showcase" due to COVID-19 until safe. See our Adoption Showcase locations when we resume.
  • You will be asked to sign our: Guardian Adoption Assistance Program Agreement and donate $25. Provide: a photo, a brief description, temperament, and a report of all his/her medical history. We will place the photo and description on our website in the Guardian Assist section.
  • You will be fully responsible for this dog(s) at all times until they are adopted.
  • You must screen all applications before placing the dog(s) in a new home. We will assist you with interviews. Home visits are preferred to insure your dog's safety.
  • Upon adoption, ask for a donation to Furry Friends Rescue of $100+ for dogs from the adopter to ensure a serious/true adopter. Please give the name, address and phone # of the adopter to Furry Friends Rescue.

About Cats and Kittens

We do not offer guardian assist for cats or kittens to prevent possible contagious diseases at our showcases. Our volunteers focus on the rescue of cats/kittens from many animal shelters. Please see our Resource Page for list of other cat rescues.

Furry Friends Rescue will...

  • Post your dog(s) on our Guardian Assist Dogs page which receives lots of traffic.
  • Guide or refer you to vets and no cost spay/neuter clinics. All dogs must be vet examined, tested, vaccinated and spay/neuter prior to adoption.
  • Showcase the dog at one of our adoption showcases. We require that you be present at the showcase to help screen potential adopters and to answer questions.

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