Socializing Your Dog

Socializing Your Dog: Click the image to enlarge. You can download it here to share it with everyone. Poster Credit: Lili @

How NOT to greet a dog

How Not to Greet a Dog: Click the image to enlarge. You can download it here to share it with everyone. Poster Credit: Lili @

Furry Friends Rescue does not endorse any of the trainers or facilities listed below. We do highly recommend and feel it is crucial for you, your entire family, and your new puppy or dog to attend dog training to ensure you learn how to train your dog while socializing them with other dogs/people.

Puppies must attend puppy training classes between the ages of 12-18 weeks. Please call or visit any of the trainers listed below and work with the one you feel most comfortable with. We are providing this list as we truly believe that a well behaved animal is a joy to share your life with. Both you and your pet will benefit from this training and the time you share together.

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Dog Behavior Articles

Dog Behavior Videos

Walk On Leash - Step by Step SIRIUS Adult Dog Training

Pit Bull Terrier Training/Behavior

Finding a Dog Trainers

Sirius Training / Oz Training (FFR Adoption discount)

Puppy and Adult Group Lessons
Locations: Throughout the bay area, call to find a site nearest you. Dr. Ian Dunbar is a nationally published author of many dog training books and videos.

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

A nation-wide list of dog trainers.
We recommend working with trainers who use positive reinforcement / reward based training only. Avoid the use of shock, choke or pinch collars.

Avoid any trainer who tells you to yell, hit, shock, jerk the leash, throw things at, use a pinch or choke collar on your dog OR if they forbid you to use food in the training.

Deaf Dog Training

Deaf Dog Education Action Fund

Positive Reinforcement Training Tips

Scotty, Adopted 2008

Scotty, Adopted 2008

Dog and Kids Safety (including Babies and Toddlers)

The highest bite accidents are with kids 2-7 years old. 70% of dog bite victims are children. Kids 12 years & under need 100% supervision. Also, one of the highest reasons for dog returns or abandonment, are due to new babies or young kids. Please be committed for life. Learn about dog & kid safety and training first.

East Bay | Dog Traininers

BRAVO! PUP Puppy & Dog Training (FFR Adoption discount)


Canine Culture and Metro Dog

Alison Smith
[email protected]
Classes held at Metro Dog Daydare/Boarding in Richmond

Berkeley Humane Society

Nancy Frensley
Oakland, Berkeley

Paws 4 Learning

Cheryl Johnson Collett
[email protected]

  • puppy and adult dog group classes
  • Individual training and behavior
  • counseling also available
Classes Offered

Good Dog Day Care

2427 Pratt Avenue, Hayward, CA 94544
(510) 324-1176
Puppy Socials - Saturday
Discount to FFR adopters for training classes & socials.

Puppy & Basic Training

Cheryl Johnson Collett

Elissa Cline
[email protected]
Private training/behavior modification for a variety of problems including aggression towards people and dogs Group classes.
East Bay SPCA Dublin, Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, Metro Dog - Richmond. Agility for fun. Obedience class for pups, adult dogs, small dogs.

Wendy Krehbiel, CPDT

Tell a Tail Dog Training
[email protected]
Group classes - puppy, adult, agility for fun, k9 nosework, Canine Good Citizen; private consultations available for manners, obedience and behavior problems.
Group classes at Livermore Country Pet Hospital; Private consultations in Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, Tracy and surrounding areas. Agility classes in Pleasanton and San Jose. NOW OFFERING K9 NOSEWORK CLASSES IN LIVERMORE, FREMONT(parks and rec) AND SAN JOSE (Downtown Dogs).

Braveheart Dog Training

Vicki Ronchette, CPDT
San Lorenzo, Casto Valley, Dublin
Classes including Conformation, Puppy Preschool, Beginning through Advanced Obedience and Manners, Intermediate Obedience, Rally O, Competition Obedience, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Prep and Test, Agility Fun and Games, Canine Body Language as well as Toy and Small Dog Social Play Groups. Private training also available.

Pied Piper Dog Training

Brian Sullivan, CTC
One-hour group off-leash outings, private training consults and behavior modification, and group classes at Piedmont Adult School.

The East Bay Dog Listener (FFR Adoption & Foster Home partner)

Louise Pay
[email protected]
1-to-1 in-home training using Amichien Bonding, the training philosophy developed by Jan Fennel, the original dog listener.
Learn how to have your dog elect you as "Leader of the Pack."

Halo Dog Training
Dawn Hagan
Owner/Head Trainer
[email protected]
Call or Text 510-342-9364
Sunday classes at Pet Food Express, Fremont

Dog Dynasty
7132 Johnson Drive,
Suite D
Pleasanton, CA 94588

South Bay | Dog Trainers

Happy Tails to You (FFR Adoption & Foster Home discount)

Dawna Caldwell
2045 Woodard Rd.,
San Jose, CA 95124
408-267-7606 or 800-436-4443
Variety of group classes (puppies thru adults to advanced classes), private in-home training. Dawna covering needs ranging from basic obedience to aggression and Pit Bull Terriers training. Dawna is a certified professional dog trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Evaluator for Canine Good Citizen tests, and Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Maria Cecilia Saleme, CPDT

Canine Behavior Counselor (Discount to FFR adopter)
Specializing in the Child-Dog relationship, training & agility
[email protected]
Milpitas, CA

Bingo! Dog Training

831-768-9803 or 408 335-8745
Watsonville to Santa Cruz and surrounding areas
Group Classes - Private Lessons - Behavior Problems - Board & Train

Nancy Weller, CPDT
Classes offered: agility, fly ball, tracking, freestyle, pet-assisted therapy, rally, etc. Nancy also offers group and private training for special interests such as multi-dog households, grooming the "fluffy" puppy, clicker training and conformation training.
San Jose, Sunnyvale, Los Gatos, Cupertino

DJ's Clever Canines

Donna Johns
Puppy and adult group lessons, private lessons, tricks class.
San Jose, Los Gatos

For the Love of Dogs

Mary Beth Howard
Private and group training, pet walking, pet sitting.
Throughout the bay area, call to find site nearest you.


Vici Whisner
Agility classes in Morgan Hill

Klub K9 Playcenter

Canine Family Integration and Education Instructors
San Jose, CA 408-292-4280
[email protected]

K-9 Partnership

Daphne Robert-Hamilton, CPDT
Morgan Hill, CA 408-857-2468
[email protected]
Puppy and adult group training, private behavior consultations, specializing in problem dogs.

Baymont Training

Lu Schoberg
In-home training, specializing in problem dogs.

Stacy's Wag'N'Train

Stacy Braslau-Schneck, Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Puppy and adult group classes, expert personal training, private lessons, baby preparation, tricks class.
San Jose area; visit the website to find site nearest you.

Downtown Dogs' Day Care

Mark & Kelly Helsing
Supervised day care for dogs
564 West San Carlos Street, San Jose
Group obedience and agility classes

Thriving Canine

Chad Culp, Certified Dog Trainer
[email protected]
Watch Training, Nutrition & Agility Videos!

Maria Cecilia Sternzon, CPDT-KA, MBA

Canine Behavior Counselor / Training Instructor
Sport dog trainer, Dog-Kids training, Behavior counseling

Molly's AdobeDogs Dog Training
Los Altos, CA

Peninsula | Dog Traininers

Wendy Hilton
Wendy teaches rally obedience, puppy manners, basic manners, tricks, CGC, growly dog and other classes in Los Gatos, Redwood City, San Carlos. Private training also available.

Cerena West Zutis

Cerena's PAWSitive Effect
[email protected]
In-home sessions for: fear of people/dogs, thunderstorms/other phobias. Aggression toward strangers, children, dogs, cats, guests, family members, household pets. Guarding self, food, territory and other resources. Compulsive behaviors, destruction of property, house soiling, barking and running away.

A Dog's Life (FFR Adoption discount )
Palo Alto & Sunnyvale
From puppy/dog obedience training, crabby canine to dog sports (agility, flyball, disc) and conformation lessons.

Peninsula Humane Society

12 Airport Blvd., San Mateo, CA 94401

Whether you've just adopted a dog and want to get off on the right paw, or you want a refresher course for your longtime companion, PHS/SPCA companion dog training courses are ideal. We hold year-round Puppy Classes, Level I, and Intermediate obedience classes. In addition, we're offering dog training geared for children and dog training conducted in Spanish. Classes are 6 one-hour sessions and limited to 12 dogs. Discounts are available for dogs adopted from PHS/SPCA, and for seniors.

CZ Dog Training at Planet Pooch (, Redwood City & SSF

Planet Pooch

North Bay | Dog Traininers

San Francisco SPCA

[email protected]
Puppy manners, puppy intermediate, dog basic training, dog basic real world manners, manners at home, the civilized canine, growly dog, intro flyball, flyball II, agility classes
San Francisco SPCA > Behavior & Training

Perfect Paws

866-511-PAWS (7297)
Group classes: pup, adult, agility, freestyle, competition obedience. Pup and small dog socials. Private lessons.
San Francisco, Menlo Park, Redwood Shores

SF Puppy Prep
Puppy training and socials
Owned and run by SF SPCA certified dog trainers and instructors, Aishe Berger and Stephanie Miller.
We will personnaly pick up each puppy at your home, bring them to a safe, indoor space in SOMA for 2 hours of play, and then drop them back off at home.
Group puppy classes covering all puppy issues and socialization. Wine and cheese happy hour play session for pups and small dogs.

Puppy and Small Dog Socials

Every Wednesday

  • SF Puppy Prep Puppies aged 9-18 weeks and their people @ 7:30-8:30pm

Every Friday

  • Sirius Puppy Socials - Off-leash play session for puppies. Pups must be 12 - 18 weeks when they attend their first social. Bring shot records to the first social. 6:30 - 7:30pm at 4442-B Pearl Avenue, San Jose.
  • SF Puppy Prep Puppies aged 9-18 weeks and their people @ 7:30-8:30pm Happy Hour with wine and cheese (for the humans, just in case you wondered)

Every Saturday

  • Wag Hotel, Redwood City.
    FREE Puppy Socials, every Saturday from 11am-12pm @ Wag Hotels Redwood City. Phone: (650) 503-7703
  • Good Dog Day Care
  • Puppy Social - An hour of off-leash, supervised play for pups under 7 months of age. 9 - 10am at Downtown Dogs in San Jose.
  • Small Dog Social - Two hours of off-leash, supervised play for dogs under 20lbs. 10:15 - 12:15pm at Downtown Dogs in San Jose.
  • SF Puppy Prep Puppies aged 9-18 weeks and their people @ 10:30-11:30am

Every Sunday

  • Little Paws Play Group - Drop in play session for puppies between 12 and 24 weeks of age. 10 - 11am at Planet Pooch in Redwood City.
  • Sirius Puppy Socials - Off-leash play session for puppies. Pups must be 12 - 18 weeks when they attend their first social. Bring shot records to the first social. 9:30 - 10:30am at Fluffy Puppy Dog Day Cafe, 656A N. Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos.

Behavior & Training for Cats

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Cat Behavior Information
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