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Compassion Beyond Time...

Your gift shows the depth of your love for our furry friends. It will help save abandoned companion animals so that they can have a chance for a new beginning with a family which will love and care for them as they so well deserve.

Guardian for Life - Pet Trust


We all love our pets. They depend on us to care and protect them for life. Each year thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized at shelters due to the death of their guardian. Please make sure to designate a guardian for your animals. Accidents and illness can happen at anytime at any age. Ensure your animal is protected for the rest of their life. If you cannot find a guardian, you can consider FFR.

We home foster our rescues and provide sanctuary to over 100 dogs and cats year round. We take excellent care of them for life (like our own loved pets), and we would provide them the same loving care for your pet if you choose to make FFR the guardian of your pet. We will take care for your pet until we find him or her a loving family home for life like our own pets (Adoption Match, Interview and Home Visit. We back up for life and take returns.) or they remain with us in a sanctuary foster home. See some of our listed Sanctuary animals and Golden Dogs. Ensure a lifetime quality care for your pet. E-mail us at [email protected] for more information.

Living Trust & Will

  • Will a gift to FFR to take care of and cover all expenses for your companion dog or cat. We will take care for your pet until we find him or her a loving home for life, or they remain with us in a home as a sanctuary dog or cat. Ensure lifetime care for your pets.
  • Residual Bequest - after making provisions for your family and friends, the balance of your belongings (legally referred to as your estate') is donated to FFR.
  • Percentage of your Estate - where a specific percentage of your estate is left to FFR.
  • Pecuniary Bequest - where a specific sum of money is donated.
  • Specific Gift Bequest - referring to any non-cash items such as shares, property, jewelry, artwork, or other valuables, which can be given to FFR.
  • Life Insurance/Assurance Policy.
  • Life Income Plan - where you set up a trust for your dependants, providing them with a regular income, while the principal of the trust (the original amount invested) is paid to your favorite cause after a specified time period - this can also be known as a 'charitable remainder trust'.

Contact your own Attorney or one of the 3 Attorney's below for legal advice on how to bequest to Furry Friends Rescue. Thank you.

Legal Zoom Pet Protection
Make sure your pets keep on living the good life. Ensure your pets are provided for when you're no longer able to care for them on your own...Read more

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Ernest L. Anderson
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