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Phree, adopted 2013

Dumped in the streets with terrible physical conditions... Read how this sweetie Phree found a loving FOREVER family to live healthy and happy life!

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 Adoption Happy Stories & Makeovers

Enjoy our Tail waggin' Cinderella happy stories and makeovers of FFR Alumni dogs and cats!

Have a happy story to share? We would love to hear your story with FFR dogs/cats, please submit your story with pictures* to photos@furryfriendsrescue.org. We'll post it here! *Pictures must be smaller than 3MB per image. You can send us up to 2 images.

"Abandoned, Adopted, & Adored"

Murphy, Adopted August 2022

Precious Murphy was adopted to his forever great home. Now he has WFH guardian, dog playmate, lot's of daily exercise, socials and will get tons of TLC. He has his family for life that will spoil him.

We rescued Murphy early June 2022 from a shelter. He was badly neglected, dirty, skinny, matted with fox tails all over his body. Matted hair was covering his eyes so he could not see. Even worse, he had an old leash embedded in a huge matt on his neck/body, and had ear infections on top of that. Once rescued, he had all his vet care and healed well at his foster home. Huge thanks to his hero foster home for all her training, healthy fresh foods and TLC! Now he is very happy, playful, loves his long brisk walks, healthy and very loved. Murphy got his "Cinderella Happy Story" for life! We are so happy for you, Murphy!

Photo of Murphy, before, after and adopted!

Cider, Rescued & Adopted December 2020

Cider was badly neglected, scared, thin, unhealthy, needed severe dental/extractions, and had hair loss from flea dermatitis. Once rescued and adopted, he recovered from his physical condition fairly quickly with medicated bath, quality foods, and lots of TLC. Now Cider is a very happy little guy and loved. Confident, friendly and enjoys meeting new people and dogs (though it is limited due to COVID). He also loves his mealtime, walking twice a day, snuggling, and playing with his toys. He brings a lot of joy to his forever family.

Photo of Cider, before, after and adopted!

Frosty, Rescued & Adopted 2020

Frosty was neglected, scared, matted and unhealthy when we rescued him from a shelter. He thrived at his hero foster home with all their TLC and home cooked meals. After 1 1/2 months, he was healthy and adopted to his forever great home with 2 dog buddies.

Photo of Frosty, before, after and adopted!

Holly, Rescued & Adopted 2020

Holly was badly neglected, unhealthy, thin, scared, had flea dermatitis and severe matting to her skin when we rescued her from a shelter. She got tons of TLC, vet care, training and grooming with her hero foster home (1 1/2 months of TLC). Once Holly was healthy and trained, she was adopted to her forever great home with her new dog BFF! They love each other. Holly got her "Cinderella" Happy Story for Life! Watch her playing with her foster dog, Prince!

Photo of Holly, before, after and adopted!

Comet, Rescued & Adopted 2019

Photo of Comet, before and after

Super Hooray! Sweetie Comet was adopted to his forever great home! Now he has someone home and dog buddy!

Huge thanks to his hero foster home and everyone that helped Comet. Comet was badly neglected, sick, thin, matted, scared, skittish and under-socialized. We rescued him from SJAC off PTS list during Christmas month. Comet was terrified at the shelter. After all his vet care, grooming and months of Foster Home TLC, training and holistic foods, he is now healthy and adorable. Comet got his "Cinderella" Happy Story for Life! He got his miracle and super loving home that don't mind his timid personality and will give him time to adjust! We are all so happy for him.

Phree, Pit Bull Terrier Mix, Rescued & Adopted 2013

Photo of Phree, before and after

"Thank you so much Furry Friends Rescue for saving my life, and helping me find my forever home. I'm healthy, and safe and loved to the max!"

Phree was found dumped in the streets. When she arrived at the shelter on March 9th, 2013, she was emaciated, covered in fleas, had a demodectic mange and raw skin from chemical burn on her back :( Hayward Shelter staff took care of bathing her, gave her daily medication and fed her lots of food. Phree is very sweet, friendly and curious. On April, 2013, she found a wonderful FOREVER family! We are happy to see her living the best life. Thank you!

Cosmo, American Bulldog / Pit Bull, Rescued & Adopted 2011


On the occasion of Cosmo's 6th birthday, thought you might like some pictures of him all grown up!! We have moved to Maui and Cosmo enjoys beach barbecues and meeting people. He has quite a following with some visitors remembering him year after year. We are so lucky to have this very large goofball come to live with us!

- Curt and Debbie Gajda

Cinderella, Miniature Poodle Mix, Rescued 2016


Hooray! Sweetie Cinderella was adopted to her super great and forever loving home! A true Cinderella story for her! She now has someone working from home and two doggie playmates! Long daily walks, holistic foods, and best TLC! Thanks to her home for all their dedicated kindness. She is their precious fur-kid! We are so happy for Cinderella and her wonderful family! Another "Cinderella" Happy Story! She was neglected and dumped at a shelter. Now look at her! She's beautifully groomed, healthy, trained, pampered and very loved! :}

George, Miniature Poodle Mix, Rescued 2016


George and his buddy Fred (Weasley twins from Harry Potter movies) were rescued from a crowded shelter. Both were badly neglected, had ear infections, and were matted with heavy dirt/fleas to their skin. Despite the years they have suffered, both are gentle and very sweet dogs!

As you can see, George was in the rough shape when we was rescued, but look at him now! He's all nicely groomed and neutered :) He feels much better now!

Read more about his story and learn more about him at his page.

Ginger, Miniature Poodle / Terrier Mix, Rescued & Adopted 2011


Ginger came to us as an 8 week old puppy in 2011. She was born May 6 with three siblings, one male and two females. Her mother was pregnant and rescued from the Hayward Shelter. Her name was Abby. Ginger's name was Angela.

I began puppy socialization at Petco and when the time came, Ginger began her 8 week of Basic Obedience Training at Fremont Dog Training Club where I train our Cairns and then go to trials.

Ginger was a quick learner and she was ready to go to Rally Obedience trials by 2012 when she got her Rally Novice title in three trials, scoring in the high eighties on the first try and in the high nineties with placement as #2 in the last two.

Since then Ginger has been trained and gone to trials for her Rally Advanced, Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Advanced and Beginner Novice Obedience.

On May 2 Ginger competed for her Rally Excellent title Class B, one of the toughest classes and she scored a 96 out of 100 with a 3rd placement at Gavilan Kennel Club.

We will start training now for her Obedience Novice/CD at home.

Ginger lives in Fremont with three Cairn Terriers that are trained and go to trials. Her stage name is: Calcuba Special Blend BN, RE, CGCA. And we are very proud of her with her accomplishments and unconditional love.

Based on her DNA, Ginger's sire is a miniature Poodle and her Dam is a Terrier Mix.

Rooney, Maltese / Lhasa Apso Mix, rescued Nov. 2013 & adopted


We have adopted Rooney back in Oct 2013. Just want to send in some updates and express our great thanks to send him to us!

Rooney was our first foster dog, but soon after we started Forster him we decided to keep me. He was so adorable that we just really couldn't give him away. He's been with us for 1.5 years now, and brought us a lot of happiness. He behaves awesomely well in any ways, and friendly to everyone. Even people who are not very into dog love him so much!

He likes to snuggle with us but sometimes he is very independent, just play toys on his own and does his own thing. He always loves attention and sometimes he would even stare at our friend who didn't seem to crazy about him. We found it very entertaining.

We took him for a lot of hikes and travels, and he has been healthy and happy. Thanks to FFR for bringing us such a lovely angel! We can't love him more!

P.S he has his own Facebook page. Anyone who's interested can add Rooney Parker :)

Sally & John

Ringo, Maltese mix, 2 yrs, rescued Nov. 2014 & adopted

Ringo was neglected and sad when we rescued him from the shelter. Once he got his bath, brush out, vet care and loving foster home, he showed his true super happy friendly personality! He is so lovable, kissy and a very happy fur-kid!

He was adopted to his forever loving home with another doggie playmate. They will spoil him silly. We are so happy for Ringo!

Ringo Before and After Photo

Jack, Adopted 2006


Jack was adopted in April of 2006. When I first saw his photo on the Furry Friends Rescue website I fell in love.

When he came to live with us he was afraid of everything. He would not dare go through a doorway for fear of being kicked. Even though he has remained a very sensitive dog he has become a loving part of the family and the big brother to our other two dogs. Life would not be the same without Jack.

Many thinks to the staff of FF Rescue. They remain friends to this day and I cannot say enough about their dedication. Thank you!!!

Minnie and Mac - Minnie and Mac, Adopted 2013

Minnie and Mac

Originally, my husband and I were unsure about adding a kitten to our household. After speaking with Furry Friends Rescue, we discovered the "foster to adopt" option, which allowed us to foster and care for a kitten (or two!) before making the decision to adopt. This was a great trial run for us! We had Minnie and Mac from the time that they were 5-6 weeks old, and, when the time came to decide, we adopted both!

Minnie and Mac have very different personalities. Minnie is much mellower of the two, while Mac loves to run around and get into everything! They love playing with each other, cuddling with their favorite humans, and sleeping on fuzzy blankets. They are great when we have company and love meeting our friends. They love to explore every nook and cranny of every room! Anytime I have an empty box, it goes straight to the kitties to play with - they like them better than any of the toys we've bought! I never get tired of watching and taking pictures of them!

Adding both Minnie and Mac to our family was the best decision for us!

Thank you, Furry Friends Rescue, for rescuing these beautiful animals and allowing us to be a part of their lives.

- Michelle

GIA (AKA Ivanka) - Tibetan Spaniel, adopted December 2012

Gia (AKA Ivanka)

My Sammy had passed away in October whom I had previously adopted @ FFR almost 5 years prior. I decided to look to see the available doggie's on FFR once again. I adopted Ivanka which I renamed Gia on 12/29/13. When I saw her picture on the web site, I couldn't stop looking at her. I made an appointment with her foster Mom to see her as soon as possible. I was greeted by Ivanka/Gia but she was more interested in her 4-legged pals than myself. After visiting for a little while, I thought to myself I need a sign she is interested in me as I was with her. I had to go potty. When I opened the BR door, my little girl was sitting at the door waiting for me. She also followed me to the kitchen which I found out why when we got home. But there was my sign. I filled out the adoption papers & we were on our way. She fell asleep on the way home and was so good in the car.

Gia is a wonderful companion. She loves EVERYONE and they love her. She is uber friendly. She loves to go bye bye, on walks and playing with her toys. She is so inquisitive, she props herself up in the car b/c she needs to see everything that is going on.. She has an incredible sense of hearing & smell. She is a bit of a tomboy, she loves hoping on thick green grass and resembles a bunny hoping. I cannot say enough about my precious little one. Its very cute when she is finally pooped out for the night, I love to watch her sleep. I go up to go to bed & she is not far behind. She doesn't like to sleep in nor likes me to either. Oh about the kitchen, Gia loves to eat anything & everything. She would follow me there every time when I first got her but now she realizes she is not going to get something just because we are in the kitchen. She gets good heathy doggie food & treats. She sounds like she is 75 pounds the way she chews on her bones. I am so in love with her.

I work from home often and while I am, Gia is laying under a piece of furniture close to my desk.

Thank You FFR for another wonderful Baby!

Bentley (Shih Tzu, 8 months old, rescued & adopted June 2013


Bentley was rescued on 6/6/13 from a Santa Clara county shelter. He was horribly neglected and matted to his skin. He could only see out of one of his eyes through his matted long coat with burrs and fox tails stuck into his skin. No one came through for him because he looked so bad. So we rescued him. The shelter vet shave him down and scraped the burrs/fox tails out of his skin (especially on his face, over his eye and shoulders). After he was clean, got all his vet care and some TLC/healthy food at his foster home, he felt great! Despite his past bad neglect, he is very sweet, friendly and charming. He won the hearts of his foster home and they adopted him. Bentley is now very loved as a true family and adored for life!

Cooper, rescued May 2012

Cooper before & after and forever family

Cooper was rescued on May 2012 from a local shelter. We met him on Mother's day at the shelter. He was dirty, horribly matted and in desperate need of some TLC. He was really excited to get out of his kennel but calmed down after a few minutes in the shelter visiting area. He was matted right to his skin all over his body. He is half the size now! He had fox tails and burrs caught up in all the matts. Poor guy. Cooper was adopted to his forever home and living a super happy life!

Molly Bridgett, adopted 2012

Molly Bridgett

Miss Molly Bridgett came to live with our family about 4 months ago. She is a 2 year old Maltese. Molly has been the light of our life since she joined our family. Molly is the perfect blend of playfulness and lap dog. Everyone Molly meets she views as her new best friend. On our walks, Molly has made many a new "dog" friend. Now our walks take a long time, because she wants to stop and play with all her new doggie friends in the neighborhood.

Molly has met the whole extended family, from the 2 year old to the 83 year old, and she loves everyone and everyone loves her. We have a big backyard with a tall hill and Molly can spend hours exploring ever inch of her new backyard. But by the end of the day, her favorite spot is in my lap (my favorite spot for her). Caroline, Molly's foster mom, did a wonderful job introducing us to Molly. Caroline brought Molly to our house 3 times to make sure our home was safe and a healthy environment for Molly and to help Molly get comfortable with us before she came here to live.

Caroline and Furry Friends did a wonderful job matching Molly with our family, we will be forever grateful for their efforts and care of Molly the 2 months she was in foster care.


Tony (now Jamie), adopted 2001


We adopted Jamie (was Tony) from Furry Friends in 2001, after he was rescued with his young brother and sister. Jamie is now 12 years old and he is a German Shepherd / Rhodesian Ridgeback mix whose looks favor his Rhodesian side. This picture shows Jamie on his favorite chaise lounge in our yard, at our cottage in the Provence area of France. He will be featured in the children's book The Paw Word Diary of Teddy Bear, with his sisters Cassie and Teddy Bear. He loves the sun and the cuisine, and his French I believe is now better than mine.

Keep up the good work in saving little ones.
All the best,
Fred Scheck
Author of The Paw Word Diary of Teddy Bear

Toto (now Steve Rogers), adopted 2011

Adopted a year ago. Toto is now happily living in his forever home with Dani and Steve!

Steve (AKA Toto)

Steve is getting along superbly with our cat since day one (they nap together) and is a gentle, mellow spirit that greets everyone from seniors to toddlers with a polite hello. We've completed obedience training together and he's passed his Canine Good Citizen exam and is headed into more training to become a therapy dog. Our ultimate goal is to be able to volunteer at the children's ward at Lucille Packard.

We love this old soul in a little dog body so much, and he loves being with other people and animals, that we're even considering adopting a second dog and playmate into our home. Thanks to Emily, his foster home and Furry Friends Rescue team for bringing him into rescue so we could meet him!

Dani and Steve

Clyde (now Homer), adopted 2011


My name is Homer and I am a lhasa apso—poodle mix. I am very happy to be living with my new family. I have come to appreciate sharing the house with two children and two cats. The cat, Violet and I are finally used to each other and we keep each other company during the day. I still visit mama Sue who was my foster family when she comes to the Furry Friends Rescue dog showcase at Pet Club, Mountain View. Sue took me in and introduced me to her dogs. She was a great foster family and it was hard for us to say goodbye to each other. But I've now settled in with my forever family and am happy for my warm bed and food (especially the food!). I'm a very lucky dog!

Homer & Baher family

Winnie Adopted 2012


Just had to let you all know how much we are in love with Winnie! She has become a part of our family. Even my parents call her their "grand puppy". We started puppy classes last week and she's doing great. She's been to the beach with us and we just got home from a weekend in the snow. She is a great traveler! Thanks to all of you for helping us find the newest member of our family!

We love her!

Michele, Mark, Molly, Megan & Winnie Wharton

Caesar Adopted 2011


Well, hello, my name is Caesar and I have found my forever home. I could not be happier surrounded by all of these women. It wasn't long ago I was shaking and nervous being at the shelter until Furry Friends rescued me and placed me with my foster mom, Teresa for two months. She actually got teary when she had to say good-bye. She said, "I was a small dog with a big personality". She made me feel comfortable and started working with me, particularly trying to get me to not climb on high places, like tables.

Then she made this cute video of me dancing for my treats. I am actually pretty good at dancing on my hind legs. Well, it caught Linda's attention, a fellow dancer, and she just knew she had to meet me. She was looking for a dog for her mother. Linda, Yo, and Alice came to see me at Pet Club.

I was perched on my helper's chair, (given that I like high places), and the helper was in my dog bed. Well, I guess they fell in love with me. They thought it appropriate to keep my name, as when they met me, I was seated on my throne. Well, the rest is history. I am in love with Vaiola, I sleep with her and follow her everywhere. She plays and takes me for walks. Then there is Alice who feeds me and gives me treats when I obey. And, Yo, well, I wake her up in the mornings by jumping on her bed and licking her, while she rubs my tummy.

Oh, and Linda doesn't live with us, but she is always checking in on me. She takes me to the doctors and groomers and buys my food, treats, and clothes. Then there is our neighbor Vince, he takes me for walks several times a week and is trying to teach me how not to lead. I also have a cousin named Mac. He is a little guy just like me. We love to go out in his yard and mark our territories. His owners are very fun and like to see me dance for my food. Yo and I stay with them overnite sometimes. They are always excited to see me and never like it when I go home. So, as you can see, I have a big family who is there for me and gives me lots of love and attention. I am one lucky guy, and boy, don't I know it! Oh, by the way, I'm one great guy, and they're lucky to have me, too!

Bon-Bon (Bonnie) Adopted 2011

Bon Bon (Bonnie)

Little Bon-Bon is just exactly that—something small and sweet. We adopted her a few months after the passing of our beloved Jack Russell, Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown loved to be held and cuddled. He was unusual for a JRT. While my other two dogs, Missus and Chubby, kept my spirits up and my heart full, my arms were empty without Mr. Brown.

Bon-Bon is such a sweet spirit and she loves to be held and cuddled. My other two fur-babies are 13 and 8 years old, so at 10 years old, Bonnie fits in nicely with the old ladies! Bon-Bon is enjoying two home-cooked meals per day, walks after each meal, going off-leash at the dog parks and snoozing wherever she likes (beds, couches, chairs).

She also accompanies me to work occasionally and is always a hit with my coworkers. She is a treasure that we will cherish for all of her remaining days! Below are photos of Bon-Bon with her new friend Chubby the Basset Hound and hanging out on mom's desk.


Harley Adopted 1999


Photo by: Jason Largent

Super Star "Harley", Border Collie, Adopted 1999
12 years old & still going strong!

Harley was rescued from a shelter on death-row by Furry Friends Rescue. From fostering him, we learned to get involved in dog sports to train and exercise Harley which triggered a life long passion and career. Harley stole our hearts and we adopted him. Harley competes in Flyball, Agility and Disc dogs. He earned many titles and wins during his career, including Flyball Dog Grand Champion Title! It's a 30,000 point title. Harley is now 12 years old, and still going strong due to great exercise and nutrition. He is also a proud member of DOGS- Incredible Dog Show.

Michelle & Harley

Alvin Adopted 2006


Alvin - Am I cute or what?

Furry Friends Rescue recognized his loving ways so he was rescued and placed in a foster home. His photo & story landed in Yvonne's "Inbox" one day—it was love at first sight! Yvonne, a pet therapy volunteer, was a perfect match for him. His new mom called him Alvin because his playfulness matched that of the famous singing chipmunk.

Alvin's personality makes him a "natural" for his new career of making people smile and feeling loved! Alvin has his certifications for Paws for Healing, Inc. Therapy Dog, Reading Education Assistance Dog (READ), AKC Canine Good Citizen, and Tony La Russa's Pet Hug Team. He visits facilities: Memorial Hospital, Sebastopol Senior Day Center, Sonoma County Regional Libraries, Sonoma County elementary schools.

His favorite activities: Flipping over in your arms for tummy rubs, listening to children read, chasing around with his Chihuahua playmates & loves to rest by meditating.

Alvin is living quite the life of a celebrity in Sonoma County!


Paws for Healing & Paws for Reading

Chandler Adopted 2007


Chandler as a model on the beach & competing!

Let me tell you about Chandler nicknamed Hoover since he sucks up everything off the floor. I am a foster mom for Furry Friends Rescue and Chandler was about my 6th or 7th foster dog. Technically I'm a foster failure because I adopted Chandler May 2007. I have two other dogs & one cat in my home and Chandler seemed to fit in from day one. For a Chihuahua mix he is the most laid back dude you will ever find. He rarely barks and loves to go up into everyone's lap at the doggie park to spread his love around. I believe he thinks he is the Park Ambassador. It was this trait in him that made me want him even more.

I have always wanted a therapy dog to visit nursing homes, senior centers and CHANDLER was the one. He has gone on to receive his Canine Good Citizen and we now visit the local senior centers and nursing homes. I still want to take him into children's hospitals so he can show off all of his amazing tricks he has learned. He knows his right from his left, crawls, rolls over and even sneezes on command. These are just a few tricks that he knows. He is definitely one smart boy.

We started competing in agility trials this last summer and he now has his AKC Novice titles and is working on earning more too. My life would not be the same without this little guy.

- Dawn

Denali Adopted 2010

Denali sledding!

Denali, enjoys being a Husky!

My husband and I met Denali at the Mountain View showcase and I was immediately taken by Denali's good looks and bi-colored eyes. Randy was very honest with us—Denali had been in at least 3 different households, destroyed homes, was an escape artist, and needed mental and physical stimulation. We fostered him for a few months and decided that our home would finally be his forever home.

Denali lives in the mountains on 30 acres of land and loves to take walks and explore the land and meet other mountain dogs. We have gone through obedience training and just completed rattlesnake avoidance training and that has helped his behavior. He learns very quickly if you have liver treats! Could Denali possible be a Canine Good Citizen one day? We also joined the Bay Area Husky Club and have gone sledding and carting - he loves it and it's great to see a working dog do what he is bred to do. He is a great dog... so sweet and funny... and still a challenging dog. Denali is my first dog and I have found that taking care of him is extremely rewarding and fun. We love Denali and are proud to support Furry Friends Rescue.

- J.Y

Jazzy Adopted 2010

Jazzy and Family

Jazzy, special needs with narcolepsy,
charms her family.

Jazzy, joined our family duringThanksgiving week. We welcomed a new family member, a puggle (pug and beagle mix) named Jazzy. Even though Jazzy is technically Nathan's dog, she has stolen all of our hearts.

She's a big time snuggler, very sweet and loves giving you happy kisses! She even gets along with all our cats and is starting to think she is one of them!

- Ritchie Family

Pastina AKA "Ellie" Adopted 2009

Pastina AKA Ellie

Pastina AKA "Ellie" with her family and when she was rescued (right).

I have always had Golden Retrievers in my life and love their wonderful dispositions. For the last several years I have adopted a small dog as a companion Golden. Well...two are better than one! I decided it was Time for my Golden "Tuscan" to have a companion. His other little friend "Eva" had passed away 6 months earlier and there was a big void in our lives. I was so excited to find "Ellie" (now named "Pastina") with this great organization. She had been wonderfully taken care of by Teresa and her family. I have had Pastina for a year now and she has done wonders around the household. My kitties (6) love her and play with her. Tuscan has been energized as have I. My little sweet heart has earned a spot right next to me in bed and the front seat of the car. "No moss grows under her rolling stone". I should have named her "lickety Split" She licks you to death and then runs off...she is so busy ..she needs a personal secretary.

I want to thank Teresa and all the wonderful volunteers for 'putting their arms around" all these great pets...and hope those who adopt are as lucky as I was finding Pastina.

- Margie Chiechi

Marilyn & Monroe Rescued 2010

Marilyn & Monroe before and after

Marilyn & Monroe before & after

Marilyn & Monroe (sibling or buddy) were running in the streets for weeks. Starving and scared, they dodged many people trying to help them. A kind lady fed them until she was finally able to catch them and took them to the Tri-City Animal Shelter. Their time was up and they had no options left. Both were extremely scared, horribly neglected, dirty/matted, and covered with fleas. They probably lived their entire life in a backyard and then were dumped. Marilyn looks like she had puppies. Both are gentle souls and harmless. They show potential like the rest of the scared neglected dogs we've rescued, so we rescued them.

All they needed was grooming, training and some TLC in their foster home. After many months of care with Carol, they learned to walk on leash, got healthy and blossomed into friendly adorable dogs. Both are very bonded to each other and always clinged close to each other.

In end of Dec. 2010, they were adopted to their loving home for life. Both are now pampered and very happy doggies. They love their walks and even started training classes. Thanks to All About Pets Animal Care, Union City, for their grooming, vet care & boarding. Thanks to Carol for fostering them. Marilyn & Monroe got their miracle!

Chavez Rescued 2010

Chabez before and after

Chavez before & after

Chavez and his buddy, Willie were rescued on 4/15/10. As you can see from the "before" picture, he was badly neglected. We gave him wash and grooming to free him from all the matting which is very painful. This is an good example of "how dirty dog looks" can be easily transformed by some TLC. Chavez is warming up to us and showing us completely lovable self and ready to find his forever family!

Isabel Adopted 2005 & Reese Adopted 2007

Reese & Isabel (AKA Angel)

Picture on the right: Isabel as a puppy when rescued. Picture on the left: Reese and I now.

Isabel (AKA Angel) was found crawling on her elbows in the streets. I just happened to be at the shelter when they showed her to me. They had no hope for her and were about to PTS her. But I saw this conditon before, and I knew she could out-grow it with the right foods. So I took her and yup, with vet care and right low protein food, she was fine. :} Then she was fostered and adopted to her forever great home!

- Emily (FFR President)

Shani Adopted 2010



Shani was rescued from TCAS. He was abandoned, neglected and very dirty/matted to his skin. All About Pets Animal Care groomer had to shave his entire body. With his new make-over, he met his wonderful adoption home. Shani was adopted and lives a pampered life as a furry kid in his forever home. He's a very happy lovable boy who loves to zoom around in full speed and enjoys lounging with his mom.

Rookie Adopted 2008



We adopted Rookie from Furry Friends in 2008 and it's been 2 years of fun and adventure ever since! I've grown up with dogs but for my boyfriend, Rookie was his first dog. Rookie has the strangest personality of any dog I've ever met. He continues to surprise us with funny and odd things he does everyday, even after 2 years. He was a very active little chihuahua mix from the beginning. He got me out and about on daily walks, hikes, rollerblading runs and pretty soon I'd lost 20 lbs. and he filled out to look great too!

He started taking dog agility classes 6 months after we rescued him and a year after beginning training, he is now doing great and competing at trials all around the bay area. It's hilarious to watch his little body race through the coarse for his final goal—a really good treat!

He continues to bring us more entertainment, love (only when he feels like it!) and energy into our lives and we can't picture our lives without him!

Ozlik (AKA Donkey) Adopted 2009



We really love Ozlik (Donkey)! He is a very quick learner, and already knows sit, how-do-you-do, and lay down in Russian. He is very friendly, funny, and playful! He has a lot of good doggy friends, such as him! When we come home, we see a sweet little face, big ears, and a wagging tail! He jumps on us, that makes us very happy! He is very curious and wants everyone to be his friend!!!

Masha, 8 years old

KC Adopted 2000



Today (9/23/09) is a special day! Today is KC's birthday—she is the big 0-9 years old!

KC is a bichon-poodle mix who came into our lives as a 3 month old puppy. Our dog-ther at that time was Sierra, an American Eskimo who was not overly dog friendly and firmly believed she was the Queen of Everything (an attitude my husband insists she inherited from her mother!). Little KC came in and unleashed her charm - she was bound and determined to win everyone's hearts! She and our Sierra became totally devoted to each other.

She started off as a foster dog but one look into those big dark eyes and we were hooked! She has brought much joy and happiness to our lives. She loves everyone - greets all (be they furry or human) with a wagging tail and a smile. When Sierra passed on, KC also seemed lost but set about comforting us in her own special way.

She has a puppyish attitude, only signs of aging (she has been known to give her vet dirty looks when he refers to her as "senior") are that there are days when her back and rear legs are hurting, putting limits on her—but that still doesn't stop her from trying to keep her rambunctious sisters in line! On the days she can't join in the play, she will sit on the sidelines and bark at them if she thinks they're getting much too loud! She is very bossy (another trait my husband swears is inherited from her mother).

KC has now become the Queen of the household - while not as outspoken as Sierra was about her reign, to her two doggie sisters and dogs we have fostered, there is no doubt who rules the roost!

- Stella

Snowball (now Chloe) Adopted 2009


Snowball (now Chloe)

Snowball (now Chloe) was surrendered to Furry Friends Rescue by a family who had no time to train or exercise her. She is a 14 month old Maltese and was kept in a garage during the day. We started out as her foster home but quickly fell in love with her.

She is sweet, affectionate and very intelligent! She is currently taking classes in basic training and learning her manners. Chloe is a very happy little doggie, never seems to have met a stranger. She bounces around the house and loves to hop out of the doggie door and explore the backyard. She loves it out there - though she's been over every inch of the yard hundreds of times, there always seems to be something new and exciting out there that she's just got to discover! She will hop up on one of the lounge chairs to sun herself. She loves to play with her two new doggie sisters - her best bud is a dog twice her size - they rough and tumble, chase each other, and sleep snuggled against each other.

Chloe lets you know when she wants something by making little grunting noises - sounds very human! When she wants to be picked up, she'll run to her person of choice and wrap her front legs around their leg, grunt and look up at you with those big dark eyes - tail wagging away. Once you pick her up, she covers you with kisses, snuggles into you and sighs!

For such a little dog, she has a very big heart! We feel very fortunate that we passed muster and she decided to adopt us!



Gracie & Laurel

We adopted Gracie when she was four years old from Furry Friends Rescue. She had been surrendered (abandoned) by her family at a humane society due to "hardship". We had a history that she had been raised with children and with cats. While at the humane society she was so depressed she would not eat or leave her cage. The staff really liked her so they called Furry Friends who found her a foster family and got her out of doggie prison and ultimately on her way to her new life with us.

We live in an area where there is a high concentration of kids of all ages and not many of the kids live with any type of animal due to busy schedules, cultural biases etc. Gracie has become the dog ambassador of the neighborhood and over the past five years she has befriended numerous children as well as their parents and has taught everyone what a wonderful gift loving a dog can bring into one's life. Children come to our door and ask if Gracie can come out and play. Gracie has introduced me to not only the kids but also their parents and families. She breaks down all cultural differences / barriers (our neighborhood is multi-ethnic - Asian, northern and eastern European as well as American) and reminds us all that we have more commonalities than differences.

Gracie weighs 105 lbs so you would think she would be somewhat intimidating just by her size (Bernese Mountain dog, Aussie or Border Collie combo), but she is always smiling and such a love that everyone is just drawn to her. She is the love of our lives!)

Thurston, Adopted 2009

Thurston was rescued on 8/17/09 from a over-crowded shelter and out of time. He was abandoned in bad condition with matted, fleas and dirty coat. We saw his inner beauty and charm. The groomer at All About Pets Animal Care, gave him a bath and complete make-over, and now he's a cutie!

He can see now and very cuddly. He was home fostered and now adopted to his perfect forever home with a dog buddy to play with.


Thurston, Adopted 2009

Gimli, Adopted 2009


Gimli, Adopted 2009

Gimli, our snugly little scrapper

Eight-year-old Gena was bored and whiny until three-year-old Gimli came into her life. He's the annoying little brother she can't help but love. The little dog is all over her; he's fearless, egging her on with playful nips at the neck, and even scampering under her tummy during playtime, then standing up and lifting Gena off of a paw or two (sending the humans nearby into fits of laughter). She seems to love his antics. They run laps together in the yard, and she grooms him regularly.

When Gimli's not playing, he's the epitome of a lap dog.

Where did we come up with the name Gimli, you ask? Maybe you recognize it from Lord of the Rings. My husband thought a dwarven name was perfect for our little rescued dog: a short, bearded little man who'll eat anything.

Oliver, Rescued 2009

Oliver was rescued on 8/17/09 from a crowded animal shelter. He was very neglected and left matted/dirty. He was abandoned in a field. Despite how much he has suffered, he is very friendly and happy.

Since he was so matted, we had to shave him down and gave him a schnauzer facial cut. But when his hair was long, he looked more like a furry Cockapoo / Poodle Mix with curly coat. This is another example of what can be done with a little TLC... Oliver is a whole new dog!


Oliver, Rescued 2009

Yani, Adopted 2009

Our Happy Story:
Saltie and Yani: my office support staff!

Thank you to Furry Friends Rescue, Teresa, Diane, and Emily for rescuing Yani and making his adoption such a heartwarming process. Yani is a sweetheart. He settled in right away, and he and Saltie are best buddies. Yani has claimed his own toys from the toy basket already. They love to go for their daily walks and they keep me company in my office every day. Yani loves to cuddle and is always eager for a bellyrub.


Yani, Adopted 2009

We are so fortunate to have him in our family.
Thank you,

- Lynette

Barney, Rescued 2009


Barney, Rescued 2009

Barney was rescued from Hayward Animal Shelter 1/7/05. He was there since 12/6/04. He was adopted but returned back to FFR on June 22, 2009 because his family had twin toddlers and now don't have time to care for him and watch him with their active kids. Barney (Pepito) was fully vet checked and groomed so now he feels much better and relaxing at his loving sanctuary foster home.

Harry Potter, Adopted 2009

Harry Potter was depressed at the shelter and badly neglected. Furry Friends Rescue rescued him and our vet office groomers gave him a amazing make over! Now he's a gorgeous and very happy Bichon/poodle Mix. He's now adopted to a wonderful family!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter, Adopted 2009

Olivia & Dashiell, Adopted 2009

Olivia & Dashiell

Olivia & Dashiell, Adopted 2009

We just wanted to give you an update—especially on Artemis/Dashiell's developing personality. He just jumped into Hayley's bath water for a swim in the tub, he gives kitten kisses to all of us whenever possible (a few licks on the cheeks or neck), and he is just as active as Olivia. They are such a joy to watch play together, and we are so glad to have them both. Both love to be picked up and cuddled. Olivia really seems to think she is the alpha of the dog pack, and is absolutely fearless. At the same time, she is small and SO sweet—loves to cuddle and purrs whenever close to any other living being, even in her sleep. She also LOVES socks.

Thank you for making them so social!

- Patti

Murphy (a.k.a. Smurphy), Adopted 2009

Murphy (a.k.a. Smurphy)

Murphy (a.k.a. Smurphy), Adopted 2009

There is nothing so heart warming as to open the front door and be greeted by Murphy who is ALWAYS happy to see you.

Training Murphy has been so easy! He knows sit, down, up, off, roll-over, jump, sit-up, circle, twirl, bang (plays dead), inside, outside, heel, stay, shake hands, come, don't touch, "get your toy" and "time for bed". He continues to amaze us all with how quickly he learns and much he understands!

My favorite time of the day is after work, when my husband and I go out in the backyard to sit and relax, while Murphy brings us his tennis ball to play fetch. No matter how stressful the day at work may have been, all that goes away while watching Murphy chase and leap into the air to catch the ball and bring it back, wagging his tail the whole way.

Murphy brings joy to not only me and my family, but I also take Murphy to my Dad's nursing home and he brings smiles to everyone there.

- Jeanne :-)

Sammy, Adopted 2009


Sammy, Adopted 2009

I am so happy with My Furry Friend Rescue dog named Sammy. He has become such a Companion. He was a good boy from the 1st day he came to stay with me.

I work from home, He lets me know when it is time to take a break but it is hard to stop cuddling him and start working again. We go on walks at night, he gets excited before and after. When we get home he plays with his stuffed toys throwing them around. Bed time is the best, he sleeps right by me and a lot of the time I get up before him in the morning. He'll look at me with the expression "Do we really have to get up"? Sammy is like having a live stuffed dog, it is hard to stop petting his soft fur, it very addictive!! He loves everyone and is a curious soul, has to check out the whole neighborhood. Sammy loves to go for rides in the car, he has his own special blanket. Belly rubs are his favorite. When he is really happy he runs around the perimeter of the yard like a mad dog, no matter how many time a week he does this I giggle every time! It had been several years since I had a dog, I've had them most of my life. I am so happy with my Boy and Furry Friends Rescue for bringing Sammy & Me together.

- Michele

Sally, Adopted 2009


Sally, Adopted 2009

During my visits thru Hayward Shelter, I would visit Sally who was always very happy to see me. Poor Sally was there for over 9 months due to a case. She was so dog friendly that often we took her out to help us dog test other dogs. Finally, she was available for us to rescue and we took her in. I fostered her and fell in love with her, quirks and all. It was mutual. Sally bonded to me from the beginning, and I didn't want to let her down with another change after she has suffered for 5 years of her life already.

Sally and my other dog, Orlando (who is very selective), get along great and play everyday. They have the same activity level and love their daily long walks/runs and playing with water from the hose afterwards.

Sally is my adorable tom-girl panda bear who follows me everywhere and loves to snooze on the sofa when I watch a movie. We are lucky we found each other.

Daisy and Tulip, Adopted 2009

Daisy and Tulip

Daisy and Tulip, Adopted 2009

Daisy and Tulip are doing fantastically and are adored by everyone who comes to visit. They are darlings. Sidney would play with them 24 hours each day if she could.

Every morning when I let them into the bedroom from the living room, they run up the stairs and jump into my bed (or up Sidney's loft ladder and into her bed) and play and purr and cuddle for about 10 minutes. Then they are off to the races. I'm so glad we have both of them as they are best pals. We love them so much.

Tulip, who is the more active and thinner of the two, loves to lie in my lap. Daisy is stouter and likes to lie on her back and get her tummy rubbed. I've never had a cat who likes to lie on her back and purr!

- Noel