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 Holistic Care Information for Pets

About Vaccination & Toxic Dangers

Do not over over-vaccinate. It can be harmful for your pets. Read below articles and talk to your holistic vet.


Dangers of Toxic Heartworm and Pesticides

Please be aware! The problem with poisoning fleas and ticks is that you'll also poisoning your dog. Learn and become empowered dog or cat guardian!

From the article "Stop routinely using insecticides on dogs, cats"

"...many stories over the years about young, healthy animals having serious aggression problems with these pesticides. Dr. Dodds says she avoids the following products: Comfortis, TriFexis, NexGard, Bravecto, Simparica, Simparica Trio and Credelio. She further advises readers to avoid Advantage Multi, ProHeart 6 and 12, Revolution, Revolution Plus, Coraxis and Sentinel, along with the Seresto collar. The latter was “recently associated with seizures, death and unprovoked aggression,” she says, and a warning has been added to its label...Read More"

Other Recommended Read: The Safest Flea And Tick Prevention For Dogs

This Flea & Tick Treatment caused a reaction in 2 out of 3 dogs!

Side effects, sickness, death and behavior aggression...watch the video below for more detailed information.

Heartworm and Other Pest Control

Natural and Holistic Remedies

Natural and holistic remedies has worked for our own pets and rescues. Talk to your Holistic Vet.

Other Holistic Resources

Holistic Veterinarian

Supplements we love and use all the time:

Cannabinoid (CBD)

Dog Upset GI

Calm fearful and anxiety dogs