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Maddie's Pet Adoption: May 30th - 31st Pre-Qualify for our adult Dogs & Cats Click for our Wish List! Vehicles for Charity Amazon Smile Become a Foster family! Join our Foster Home Network Donate TODAY, so we can continue to save dogs & cats from death row at shelters. Click here to Donate. Get $10 off any BarkBox subscription and support Furry Friends Rescue! Caring for special need animals - Purple Heart Miracle Club Spunky, Lovable and Well Behaved Experienced mature dogs, 8 yrs+ Baxter, Sookie and Donovan - Rescued in 2008

We have saved over 12,000 animals since November 1998 and the numbers are growing every day—along with 6000+ Guardian, Shelter & Rescue Assists!

We Rescue from 21+ Animal Shelters

Miracle Club & Emergency Fund

Due to many special need animals with a lot of medical care needed, we created fundraiser called "Miracle Club & Emergency Fund. Please join us so that we can save more animals in urgent needs! Read More about Miracle Club & Emergency Fund

Urgent Animals

What does urgent mean?

Urgent Animals - 720

720 - This heart-melting baby came in stray. She is so sweet and itty bitty!! This little girl&nb... Read More

Featured Animal

Featured Animals - Oscar 06-3792

Oscar 06-3792 - Oscar 06-3792 ( DOB 5/5/2011 ) was found in a dumpster when he was just three days old. With ro... Read More

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