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Puppy Adoption Requirements

Mandatory Puppy Socials and Training Classes are required for our Puppy Adoptions to ensure the puppy will get the right start and guidance! The critical period of socialization and training lasts for the dog's entire life. See our Behavior/Training page for list of trainers, puppy socials, classes and training tips. Please read other requirements detail in our How to Adopt Puppy section.

Puppy Adoption & Training Tips

Learn how to raise a happy, social and confident puppy! You can read our list of training tips on our behavior/training resources. Also read why experts warn against adopting two puppies at the same time on "Problems Associated With Adopting Two Puppies at the Same Time". Happy Adoption for life!

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Anna D4491 (Special Needs)

Gender: Female

Size: 3.4 lbs.

Age: 3 months 3 weeks

Breed: Terrier Mix