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Phree, adopted 2013

Dumped in the streets with terrible physical conditions... Read how this sweetie Phree found a loving FOREVER family to live healthy and happy life!

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 Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Field

The Rainbow Bridge Poem

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

- Author unknown


Nani was very scared at the shelter. She use to freeze and pancake to the ground. We rescued her, and then with TLC, she blossomed into a lovable sweetie. She was adopted to her forever home with a dog BFF. She was very loved and enjoyed all their fun adventures/hikes. We are so sorry for their loss... Here's a loving tribute from Nani's family.

Nani and her forever family

6 years ago I met this pup at the doggie day care I worked at. She was living there at the time being fostered by the daycare rescued by Furry Friends Rescue. She stared me down, and I wasn't sure what she wanted. Slowly but surely I learned who she was. That she wasn't a scary pitbull, but one that just wanted all the love. I started taking her home to spend nights with me while My husband was out of town on work trips. My husband told me that she wasn't going to stay forever. Flash forward to May 30th, 2015 when Nani became a forever member of our family. She was the best and sweetest dog anyone could have ever asked for. She loved tennis balls, hiking, eating, snuggling, beach days, twerking, and just being with her people. Last October she got diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma. We started chemo in January and up until the last 2 weeks she was doing really well. Today, we put her to rest in our backyard surrounded by people that love her and her brother Logan. She played fetch, ate chocolate ice cream, and then snuggled on the coziest bed with me in the sunshine as she slipped over the rainbow bridge.




Odi came to us in 2009 with some history. He was 3 when he was first rescued by FFR. His first foster home didn't work out and Odi was moved to one of FFR's boarding facilities. We were requested to foster him and see if we could correct some of his issues so he would be more likely to get adopted. After observing him for a couple of days my wife thought that he had some health issues that may be responsible for his behavior issues. A thorough check by our vet showed that he had crystals, a UTI, and an ear infection. After these issues were addressed he became a happier dog and my wife said that he adopted me, and we decided to adopt him and have him join our family.

He fit in well and also joined me in most of my MVCC military activities. He would wear his uniform with pride and joined me at Camp Delta every year. He also became quite a big attraction and was always popular in the yearly San Jose Veterans Day parade. Everyone always wanted to hold him and have their picture taken with him. He was a fun lover and enjoyed the attention. At home he was all alpha and would let the our foster dogs know right up front what behavior was expected of them. He would watch out for the smaller dogs and stay between them and larger dogs to protect them. He was definitely the pack leader at our house.

Sadly in 2019 several of his health issues took their toll on him. He was taken from us in November and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He will be missed and things will never be the same without him. RIP Sergeant K9. You leave a big void in my heart.

Regis - February 2020



With great sadness and broken heart, Austin, 13 years 9 months, has passed away to "Rainbow Bridge" Jan. 21, 2019. He was a Sanctuary, Senior and Miracle Club dog in his loving hero foster home. Austin suffered years of neglect, sickness and pain, until we rescued him. He was very loved at his foster home as a true precious family member. Austin's angel foster home donated thousands of dollars to continue his on-going vet care and medications thru the years. Austin was surrounded by his family and he knew he was very loved. Hugs to his foster home.

He's foster home said he was the most social, friendliest and happiest dog they have ever had. They miss him so much, but so thankful for the time they got to spend with him. Thanks again for pulling him from the shelter. He had some wonderful years—spoiled beyond belief.

When we rescued poor Austin from Hayward Shelter in 2014, he was badly neglected, emaciated, sick, suffering in pain from many rotten teeth, gum infection (needed severe dental with over 14 teeth extractions), bad ear infections, hot spots, bad skin, low thyroid, low iron, and arthritic knees/hip. After much vet care (over $6,000 plus), lab tests, x-rays, surgeries, dental, medications, supplements and holistic foods, he thrived and got healthy. He loved eating Honest Kitchen. Austin enjoyed his naps, snuggling, lounging on the sofa, TV time, slow walks and being surrounded by his loving family of people and dog friends.

Despite all his years of suffering in the wrong hands, irresponsible and cruel guardian, he was friendly, gentle and very sweet. Austin charmed all of us with his loving heart, sweet personality and soulful gentle nature. He is now in "Rainbow Bridge" running and playing with all our beloved dogs. We LOVE you Austin.

– January, 2019



I wanted to give an update about the most amazing dog I have ever owned. We adopted Dozer (aka. Curley pre adoption) from Furry Friends back in 2011. He was the cutest puppy ever and grew up to be so handsome and incredibly smart. He went everywhere with us and was known as mister social. Although he was 100 plus pounds he was always so gentle and loving. He never realized how big he was. He also loved agility and was great at it!

Sadly, Dozer passed away from cancer March 10, 2018 (just a few months shy of his seventh birthday). This was his second battle against the dreaded disease. His first fight was at only four years old with a very aggressive MCT. Even though his prognosis wasn't the best he managed to beat it back into remission for another two years. Far longer than anyone thought. However, last October it came back. He was given only a few months but he is and always was super strong. He made it five and loved every minute of it. Although our hearts are still aching from this monumental loss, we wanted to say thank you. Thank you for what you do and for giving us the gift of having Dozer in our lives. Although he was only on this earth for six years, he lived his life to the fullest and was loved unconditionally. He will always be my handsome man.

Thank you,
Shannon & Stephen

– March, 2018



March 5, 2005 Oliver found us. He lived to be about 15 years old and dealt with his heart disease since 9/2015. Oliver waited until I arrived home to say farewell to me. Oliver was a beautiful sweet dog. Always wanting to do the right thing Oliver was well-behaved, well traveled and was showered with love. He charmed us and in return we charmed him.

Thank you FFR for bringing this sweet boy into our lives. I am blessed to have had Ollie as my companion.

– January, 2018



His name was Squeaker when I adopted him from FFR. He had a lot of nicknames from me... also, my handsome boy, and my best buddy ever! I would tell him all the time how lucky I was to have him... and how much I loved him. I adopted him in 2004. Pono brought me and my family and friends so much joy and awesome memories!! I had him for almost 13 years. Everything reminds me of him... Christmas, country music, my car, my fridge. Because of his diabetes I had him on strict diets. I prepared home cooked meals for him. He loved to go on road trips...like Disneyland, Arizona, Vegas, Oklahoma and always went to my son's canoe races all around the Bay Area.

He loved to do tricks in his younger days... like sitting, shaking hand, laying down, crawling, rolling over, begging and also played a bird by sitting on my shoulder. He loved Christmas! He would always love to open presents! He would go under the tree and sniff for his gifts, and tear them open. He had a Santa bed, and many Christmas toys that he loved so much! Pono also loved dressing up. I would dress him up every Halloween. He was such a loyal buddy. He followed me all over the house. Until he became almost completely blind... he stopped following me.. which was really hard to adjust to. He also was almost completely deaf... but he would know all his medicine schedules and eating times... It's like he had his own alarm clock... He would wake me up. He also had bad knees and hip that sometimes would go out of place.

Pono was such a fighter! I lost him July 26, 2017. He was fine one minute... then I lost him. I am so thankful I was with him when he passed. He passed away laying on my chest. I was able to comfort him, and tell him how much I loved him! And thanked him for all the joy he gave me. I still hear his howling faint cry. He was trying so hard not to leave yet. His doctor thinks he had a stroke. I had many dogs growing up... I had never been so attached as I am with Pono. When he left me.... part of me went with him. My heart aches so much! That's the hardest part of loving a buddy... when it's time to let go. I finally received his remains back. I had him cremated, and will have him buried with me when my time comes. I also ordered a special urn and urn gold heart pendant with his picture... so he can be a part of me. Thank you FFR for letting Pono be a part of our family. Like my son says... Pono made our puzzle complete.

Much Love,
Eileen and Ponosan

Momma Maggie

Momma Maggie

Maggie came to us in December of 2001. She had been left outside an animal shelter in the east bay and was approaching the end of her time, when she surprisingly gave birth to two puppies. The puppies gave her a new timeline at the shelter and that's when FFR came in to help. At the time, I was diligently checking the FFR website for a puppy to adopt and I went to a showcase. While I was there, I saw a bulletin board with pictures of dogs that were unable to come to the showcase, but were in need of a foster family or were up for adoption. There was something about Maggie's face that I couldn't resist. I wanted her just from looking at her picture. Needless to say, we were able to foster Momma Maggie and her pups and eventually adopt Maggie. We watched the puppies grow and were able to adopt them out, which was rewarding, yet heart-wrenching. Watching the last pup leave our home was one of the toughest days my husband and I had experienced. Almost sixteen years later, we experienced an even harder day, the day we had to say goodbye to our sweet Maggie.

Maggie loved to run & explore and she loved to be with her family, especially cuddling on the couch or bed. Maggie had some obstacles to overcome, but she became a great family dog. When it came time for us to have kids, she loved our children from the very start. She never showed them anything but love (and when they bothered her, she showed them how to excuse yourself from a situation, gracefully). She went from being a bay area dog, to a country dog, to an east coast dog over the course of her almost 16 years. She had a good long life and her body was ready for a rest, but we miss her so much. I wish we could have her for 16 more years. Thank you FFR for entrusting us with her precious life and bringing years of joy to ours.

Alice, American Staffordshire Terrier Mix, 7 Years Old


We rescued Alice and her buddy, Henry, 7 years old lab, from a local city shelter. She was the shelter staff's favorite. They all loved her. Alice lost her fight against her liver failure. She peacefully passed away at a emergency vet office. Her foster home and everyone loved her deeply. She was a gentle soul and a trooper in her fight to live. We are all heart broken.

Alice was dumped and ran out of time at a shelter. She had months of true love and TLC. Here is her memorial photo page and you can read her brave journey on her Miracle Club page.

Major, Rat Terrier / Parson Russell Terrier mix


Major was rescued in January, 2013. He was originally found as a stray and ended up at the shelter. From the very beginning Major was always an escape artist and enjoyed running outdoors, sometimes on unplanned adventures. One time it took 10 FFR volunteers to block traffic and over 5 hours to catch him. Major had a strong personality too but at heart he was just a little dog that really enjoyed the attention of people. He had crooked front teeth which only added to his unique and loving personality. One of our dedicated volunteers, Regis, would bring Major to dog showcases in Mt. View on Saturdays. Major really enjoyed cuddling on the laps of volunteers at showcase.

For a long time we couldn't find a foster home for him so he stayed with Kristie, one of our loving training/boarding facility care takers. In March, 2014 he got his very own foster home and was enjoying the comforts and love of being in a home with his foster parents. Major enjoyed daily long hikes, walks, jogs and exercise. His strong desire to run finally caught up with him on April 10, 2014 during a tragic accident.

We loved him and we hope that he is enjoying his new freedom to run free whenever and wherever he wants at Rainbow Bridge.

Phoebe, Maltese mix, 8 years old


Phoebe was rescued from a shelter 11/12/09. She was neglected and fearful, so it took her time to adjust to new people and handling. Several foster homes tried to care for her but each time after she settled, her dominate personality did not fit well in foster homes with other dogs.

Phoebe lived and was cared for by Kristie, training facility, who trained her to feel safe and comfortable. She loved her daily walks, running thru the field, sitting on a hill on sunny days, jumping up to grab lower tree branches, and following Kristie around. She learned to be polite with other dogs. Every day, she made Kristie laugh with her cute antics. Phoebe loved sitting up on her hind legs and begging for treats with her two front paws. Adorable.

Regis, FFR volunteer, would visit her and transport her to our Saturday dog showcases whenever possible. He continued with her training to help her overcome her fearful behavior issues. All indications were that she was probably a Puppy Mill dog and she was a survivor. In a short period of time Phoebe bonded to Regis and she stopped being fearful of men. She knew the sound of Regis's truck and would get all excited and happy when she heard him drive up to visit and walk her. Phoebe enjoyed attention, being petted and lap time. She started to bond with Regis's 7 year old grand-daughter and they would all enjoy walks together.

On July 8, 2014, Phoebe passed away peacefully in her sleep of unknown reasons. We suspect she may had a sudden heart issue but she did not show any signs. She just had a clear vet exam the month before her passing. Phoebe was loved by Kristie, Regis and many volunteers. Phoebe was a little dog with the heart of lion, that survived years of neglect and abuse until we rescued her. She learned that she was safe and loved by many while she was with us. She was a little mighty dog and we will always remember her. RIP Phoebe.


Darrell, Sanctuary Cat


Darrell survived being deposited in a night box at a local shelter. He survived placement on the euthanasia list when he tested positive for FIV. He enjoyed his life in a sanctuary foster home. But later, he could not survive cancer.

As a big orange tabby boy, he made you feel like you wanted his approval. But he was always elusive about giving it. He was like a rock star in that way. What he did give you was the feeling that he asked for very little. But for many companion animals that end up at shelters, most everything ends up being too much to ask.

For Darrell, with the help of the shelter staff that loved him and of Furry Friends Rescue who took him in at their request, he got two more years of contentment and TLC before his health failed. His foster parents received two years of knowing that Darrell, the elusive rock star cat, liked them just fine. No finer approval rating than making Darrell, the big orange boy, content and loved til his passing.



Rainbow bridge for Martha, 8 year old angel

RIP: Dec. 1, 2012


Martha was rescued from Hayward Shelter in October 3, 2012 along with her buddy, MacGyver. Both were severely emaciated and neglected. Martha was extremely gaunt (skin/bones) and malnourished for years. Her condition was so dire that when she was rescued off the streets by Hayward Animal Control, they took her immediately to a veterinarian to evaluate her and treat her with fluids.

She was so hungry, she had rocks in her stomach (which did pass thru). In spite of her bedraggled condition, she still had an affectionate, strong spirit that shone through her dark brown beautiful eyes. We brought her home, cleaned her up, cooked special meals for her and gave her a loving home with nourishing food, lot's of love, a warm bed and veterinary care.

She showed signs that someone had loved her once, earlier in her life, but obviously, she had been severely neglected for years. She enjoyed any little kindness shown to her, especially being brushed and petted. She always held her head high and obviously had a lot of "class".

She had a skin infection on her hip and later experienced difficult GI problems. Sadly, when we took her back to the vet, he diagnosed (x-ray & ultra sound) an aggressive abdominal cancer that had spread to her lungs. When she stopped eating (going down hill), we knew she was ready to cross the rainbow bridge. It was an honor and privilege to be by her side when she passed over peacefully on Dec. 1st.

Martha was a classy lady and kind soul, who showed us all, that despite her past abuse in the wrong hands, she maintained a loving demeanor. She was an angel. We will forever miss her.

~ Martha's loving foster home and Furry Friends Rescue team

Watch Martha's video when she was rescued with her buddy MacGyver.



LittleBit was saved off the streets as a tiny bottle baby. Unfortunately at 5 months of age, his FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis) triggered and he went downhill. He was peacefully put to rest with his loving foster home. Here's a sweet poem from her bottle baby foster home.

My name is LittleBit
I'm gonna get real big in a little bit
I'm gonna rock and roll in a little bit
I'm gonna run around the house in a little bit
I'm gonna knock stuff over in a little bit
I'm gonna eat all the food in a little bit
I'm gonna purr real loud in a little bit
My name is LittleBit.

Dinky (was Midnight)


Dinky was almost 19 when she passed away, and though, at that stage of life, my husband and I knew we were battling time, our hearts are still broken and our house is empty. For a small dog, you had a grandiose spirit. You were the most determined being I have ever known to the point I capitulated to your demands and decided there was no such thing as dominant dog theory because I didn't want to tell anyone I was ruled by "11 pounds of solid fury," as we used to call you. You always carried one ear up and one ear down unless it was windy or a special occasion. I tried to adopt your philosophy of life—one ear up, and one ear down—nothing symmetrical, nothing perfect. "Embrace your imperfections," you said, and I tried.

Thank you, Dinky, for coming into our lives. Thank you for being you. I'm a better person for traveling in your company. I know I was a tough recruit, but you never gave up on me. We miss you. Wait for us on the other side, Little Bit.




Darling Duke came to Furry Friend Rescue from the Oakland Shelter on Dec. 21, 2005. He was adopted in Jan. 2006, but was returned to FFR on 1/2010 due to young grand kids coming over for visits, and Duke was fearful of young kids. He also had a skin issue that required medication and care.

Duke was very friendly, sweet and loved his walks. Great with his dog buddy at home. He loved his toys and would pile them all up, then he would lay his head on his pile of toys. Just adorable! Unfortunately, while in foster care, Duke collapsed and was rushed to emergency. After tests by specialists, Duke had a herniated disc in his spine and a cancer tumor on his kidney. With TLC in his foster home, he was able to walk again. He was happy, spunky and very loved. He lived out his life in his sanctuary home till the end when his cancer spread. Duke quietly passed away to rainbow bridge with a home vet. We all miss him and will forever remember his sweet and loving personality.

–Furry Friends Rescue team



Dear Boo-Boo,

When we first saw you, we were a little dismayed by how scrawny you were, the missing fur on your belly and tail, and then they told us about your mites! I saw the way you acted with Chaco and knew at that moment how nice of a dog you were. When I got you your first collar, you were so proud and wanted everyone to see it....I never knew how important a collar was to a dog. When I accidentally called a puppy "Boo Boo" and you looked at me and said "that's MY name!!!"...I never knew nicknames were so important to a dog. You were SO GOOD with the puppies!!!

Thank you for making me feel safe. I did not know how many people were afraid of German Shepherds...to me you were my Boo-Boo, my K-9 Unit, my German Shepherd, and my Fuzz Ball.

Do you remember when that Cop tried to buy you? I was so angry with him! He wanted a perfect looking dog to go with his perfect looking wife and perfect looking children. "Go do what we did, get a dog that needs a home and that looks somewhat of a mess, and care for the dog, give him his meds and baths, love and exercise him...then you TOO can have a perfect dog like Ozzy !!!!!" All you needed was for someone to care for your physical needs and a loving home.

When your Foster Dad said "well...I don't know how you will feel about this, but, he talks a lot". We thought that would be absolutely COOL and laughed about it. We did not know that in the future you would be talking back and reprimanding us for something we did wrong (like forgetting to fill up your water dish before we went to bed - - - I'm SORRY I forgot!!!).

I have so many wonderful and giggling memories of you. I'm so glad you are no longer suffering. I can still feel you in my arms when I wrapped my arms around and held you.

Enjoy chasing, catching and shaking that UPS truck! But, if a human goes flying out...stop, check on the human and, if the human is OK, go back to shaking that truck !!!!

We miss you Boo. Thank you for your love and trust.

-Scott and Robin

Charlie, the dog that never gave up


Jan 4, 2011, Mr. Relentless Charlie peacefully past away to "Rainbow Bridge" while eating cheese slices. Dementia and sundowners over-came his brain. He loved his stuff toys and food. Lounging on the sofa. He charmed everyone he met with his sweet and innocent personality. He was always accepting of all the dogs I took in to foster and played with all of them.

Charlie taught me how a badly neglected pup (he was locked in a basement living with chickens/pigeon, & then dumped in the street at 5 months old (people went on vacation) with severe mange (no hair left), emaciated and oozing skin infections (sores/pus), can be healed with the right medication, healthy food and TLC.

It took me a year to cure Charlie of his skin problems, then a few months later, he also needed orthopedic knee surgery (missing cruciate & bad arthritis in both his knees from neglect/injury). The reason I'm not afraid to save neglected dogs with severe mange, medical needs or injuries from shelters, when no one else will.

Thru our 15 years of rescue, we have saved hundreds of dogs & pups with severe mange/neglect and all fully recover to live healthy lives. Charlie showed me it was possible.

He never gave up his trust in people despite of all he had gone through. Always happy go-lucky. I will forever miss his endearing spirit.

"Saving just one pet won't change the world. . . but, surely, the world will change for that one special dog or cat ".

- Emily, FFR



Calvin was rescued in 2006 from HSSV and loved by his foster home, Karen. He loved to eat and talk to people at home. Charming and affectionate personality. Unfortunately, at 8 1/2 years old, he became sick with lymphoma cancer and passed away peacefully. He lived a loving life at his foster home, and will be missed.



Betty came to us as a Furry Friends foster dog in December 2005. She had the funniest under-bite we'd ever seen and waddled more than walked due to arthritis. It all made her quite the character. She told our dog Chaucer that it wasn't polite of him to jump on her and quickly settled in as grand old dame of the house. For two years we took her to adoption showcases and everyone would comment, "she's so cute, but she's so old", as they moved on to look at the next dog. In December 2007, Betty had emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage. She came within hours of dying and it was the turning point that made us decide that this sweet old girl should stay with us permanently. We officially adopted her.

In 2008 we moved to San Francisco and discovered that Betty was the consummate city dog. She loved hanging out on our porch watching the world go by and greeting everyone she met during walks. People would stop us on the street just to ask how old she was and she loved the attention. In the house, she'd pile on top of Chaucer, who we think had secretly grown to like her though he'd never admit it. Sadly in June 2009 Chaucer passed away of a heart tumor. We missed him dearly and Betty would sleep in his bed whenever she was worried. Betty too showed signs of slowing down and in November 2009 we lost her to kidney failure. We can only hope they are curled up together in a nice warm dog bed somewhere.

We miss Chaucer gently pawing us and Betty stomping her feet when they wanted their meals. The way Chaucer never made a sound and Betty narrated everything she was thinking. How they would both steal a blanket any chance they got. Mostly we miss having their loving, soulful eyes to give us comfort when we'd had a bad day and share our joy when things cheered our souls.

- Jennifer and Jeremy



Charlie was adopted from FFRescue as a youngster. Due to life changes, Charlie was returned to FFR in terrible condition when he was ten years old. Not a tooth in his mouth but with a heart of gold and a soulful personality. He charmed everyone he met. While he was still feeling good, he would jump and dance for joy when he knew he was going out for a walk. He loved other dogs and he loved people. For a dog who had been so mistreated in his past, he was still warm, friendly and endearing. Because of his missing teeth, his tongue was always hanging out, making him look very silly. As his neurological disorder raged through his body, his balance became worse. He looked as though he were walking on a boat in a rocky sea. It broke my heart to watch, but this darling dog, always kept trying. He did his very best to enjoy his life until the end. Charlie eventually reached a point where it was very clear the time had come and April 19th, 2009, Charlie was put to sleep in my arms. How very sad, for such a sweet, noble dog.

I miss Charlie a lot. I come home and he is not there. I hope wherever he is, he is walking now on solid ground. That his balance has returned and he can run and play like he loved so much to do.

Judith....Loving Foster Mom
Jamie....Loving Foster Sister



We wanted to let you know that our beloved dog, Georgie passed away suddenly on Tuesday, Dec. 2nd from what ourselves and the vet agreed was Pug Dog Encephalitis. And even though it turns out that we only had him for a short while, we are so thankful for the joy he brought us. When we first saw him it was love at first sight and he fit right in with our 3 girls, taking turns sitting on each of their laps. He was the baby of our family and everyone's favorite.

He was just learning to play and his favorite toy was a little mini Eeyore which is ironic because Georgie was like Eeyore in many ways; a sweet, calm and mellow guy. We would take him over the school to run with our other two dogs, but he would just roll in the clover! We took him to the beach, the Italian festival and hiking at Quicksilver Park this summer and he loved every minute of it. He couldn't wait to get his head in his harness as he knew he was going somewhere exciting. And even though recently I had bought him a really nice new bed, he preferred to sleep on our beds most nights! He had taken to sleeping on our youngest daughter's bed lately and she says it doesn't feel the same without him already.

There was so much more we could give him but I guess in the end he was just here to give us so much in the little time we had him. We miss him terribly but know that he is in doggie heaven rolling in the clover there and bringing peace and good will to everyone and everything just as he did here on earth.

The Montgomery Family



Susie was rescued from a feral cat colony on 6/17/08 because she was domestic and very friendly. She was a petite, gentle and a very affectionate kitty. She liked to sleep on your lap and enjoyed her cat friends at her foster home. After extensive vet tests, on 12/2/08, she was very sick and was going down-hill with FIP. Susie gently crossed over to Rainbow Bridge at our vet office in her foster home's arms.

Mr. Snuggles

Mr. Snuggles

Furry Friends Rescue saved me from a Shelter where I got my name, "Mr. Snuggles." What a perfect name for me. Every where I went, I spread joy with my happy wagging tail and kisses for all.

I was so tiny and thin (only two pounds). I so wish my first family had taken care of me and my health and not sent me to a shelter. I wanted so to live a long and glorious life.

I tried with all I had though and my foster Mom, Lisa, tried very hard to help me get better. She said I brought happiness to everyone who met me. She said I spread sunshine wherever I went and that I was brave and sweet and was my very special self. I loved her too and felt her love for me and even as my life was ending, when I heard her voice, my tail wagged to let her know I loved her too.

I want to thank everyone for finally loving me and trying to give me life. Kisses and butterflies to all and please take care of your pets and love them well so this never causes another dog like me to suffer so terribly.


Luke In May 1997, we were blessed with this handsome, lovable Corgi/shepherd mix, who was a night-drop at a humane society (but housebroken-yay!). Thanks to Emily and Vivien for rescuing and fostering him -- we fell in love with him immediately. They guessed he was about 2 years old and we had him for over 11 years, until August 29, 2008.

"Cool Dog Luke" has been such a wonderful companion to us and he was loved by everyone who met him. We took him with us to Lake Almanor on our annual vacations and he loved it there. Luke had a charming, delightful personality to go with his stunningly gorgeous red coat and sweet face.

About 5 years ago, he started getting arthritis and it slowly worsened to the point that he struggled to get up and didn't enjoy his walks. Last December our vet discovered that Luke's heart was enlarged and congested. It broke our hearts to have to let him go, but he went to sleep peacefully on our feet and has no more pain. Luke never complained and he gave us all he had.

We miss him so much and there will never be another Luke. Dear Luke, be happy with your old buddies in Doggieland and we'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge where we will be together forever. See you later, sweetie pie. We love you so much.

- Ann & Dennis Bodwin, Foster City


Timmy Little Timmy came to FFR on February 23, 2008 . You came to our home as a foster dog a few days after being rescued from the shelter. We weren't sure how old you were nor did we understand why you did the things you did at times, but we truly cared for you.

We fostered you for 5 months, and throughout this time, you followed me around the house and always sat beside me, just wanted to be loved. Timmy, you enjoyed chasing your tail until you got dizzy, then stopped then resumed on the other side, you always made me laugh. You also loved to hide in my pillow cases, and when we called your name you would just wag your tail and stick out your nose. When you got your burst of energy you played tug-o-war and fetch with your stuffed animals, You fit right in, quickly learning the routine, as you followed my two dogs. On your down time, you loved to play with my son, and laid on him while he watched cartoons, and always ran in the garage and jumped in my car wanting to go for a ride.

As it is to often in life, it is unkind, and since being rescued, I believe in my heart that you had a good life and that you were loved, but it was made short due to a terminal medical condition with your spine. I am so so sorry.

Good bye little buddy, I am sorry you never found your forever home, just know that we cared for you and that we will miss you, and you will never be forgotten.

- XO, Liette


McGee McGee, a ailing senior dog, was found in the streets by Karlyn, FFR, in horrible neglected condition in 2006. His fur was so matted like a brick that he could barely walk and starving. With vet care, grooming and TLC foster care, McGee blossomed and re-gained his health. He was adopted Maria, who cherished and loved him til he died peacefully in my arms July 9, 2008. He was a very gentle, sweet and special guy.

- Furry Friends Rescue

What a special dog. So many people asked me about him, from little kids to old folks. He had very universal appeal and a good friend just adored him. He made friends with a cat who would go on walks with him. Thank you, thank you. He was a true joy to me.

- Maria


Joshua Little gentle and sweet Joshua was rescued from Los Banos Animal Shelter on 5/28/08. He broke with parvo at our vet office and was being treated. He seemed to have perked up a little on May 29th, but he couldn't beat the parvo and died the next day. He had brief moments of TLC when he was tranported out of Los Banos Animal Shelter and less then 2 days of attention at our vet office.

Who knows what kind of sad life he had since he was born, had no vet care nor vaccinations by irresponsible people and who then later dumped him at his young age of 4-5 months. We only hope he is now at peace and having fun with other dogs on Rainbow Bridge.

- Furry Friends Rescue


Ginger We adopted Ginger from FurryFriends on Feb 21, 2004. The minute my husband and I saw her, we knew she was the one for us. She was about 2 yrs old when she came into our lives. Ginger was a smart, loyal and beautiful dog.

She loved going on her walks everyday with me and she loved riding in the car. She always wanted to be with me, she was my shadow. Wherever I went, she was ready to go. She loved her treats and she loved playing with all her toys. She adjusted well with my two older cats that were here with us. We also adopted a MainCoon kitten from FurryFriends 2 yrs ago and Ginger accepted him too.

Sadly, she became ill and after having different tests done to her, we sadly had to make that difficult decision of having her put down. That was the hardest thing we had to do. She was surrounded by her family that day on Feb 23, 2008. I have never experienced so much pain and sadness of losing Ginger. She was a special dog to me and my family. I think there comes a time in your life, when you find that special pet and have such a great bond and Ginger was that to me. I know she is no longer in pain and waiting for that day, until we meet again. I know that she would want me to rescue another dog and give them a wonderful, loving home just like she received from us. That time will come again for me. We all miss Ginger very much, she was a special pet in our lives and in our hearts.....

- With all our love, Rose, Gunter, Veronica and Brian and everyone else that knew her.


Seth Seth (Setti) was a sweet boy...he was shy at first, but warmed up to guests and enjoyed sitting with his foster family members. He got along well with the other cats that lived in the foster home with him. He was very lovable. He suddenly passed away on March 14th 2008 at his foster home who adored him.

- Furry Friends Rescue


Nemo Nemo was THE best dog anybody could ever have. We adopted Nemo when he was about seven or eight years old. He'd bark whenever there was any other dog about, and you could never stay too sad about anything when he's around. He'd rest his head on your knee and keep staring at you till you paid attention to him. He can get mad at you very easily if you leave him to go on vacation. Today, Nemo is in his rest place at the age of about 12 or 13. He can start a new life up there as a puppy again and meet other doggies resting in peace. We'll never forget him for as long as we live. And someday, we'll all join him up there, one by one, and be together and happy, no matter what.

- Megan


Tiffany Tiffany lost her fight against Parvo on the morning of January 6th 2008 at Adobe Vet Hospital. Her white blood cell was very low for the last couple of days, and they gave her plasma transfusions, but it didn't help her. She was alert and she was wagging her tail when her foster mom and her daughter visited her the night before she passed.

Tiffany was such a sweetheart. So precious, friendly and gentle. We all loved carrying her and getting kisses from her. She snuggled and slept with her foster family's dog. They all adored her.

It is so sad. Tiffany had a future with us in a loving warm foster home and we would have found her a forever family home too. She at least got to get out of a cold shelter cage and was able to enjoy a couple days of TLC at her foster home and from the kind staff at Adobe Vet Hospital. She'll be in our memories...

- Furry Friends Rescue


Mallie About 7 years ago I got Mallie German Shepherd mix from Furry Friends. As of December 2006, she had passed on. Mallie was diagnosed with brain tumor in May, 2006. And in November she developed megaesophagus. Until her last days, she was a joy. She was the party animal! Everyone who met her loved her. I have many funny recollections of how intelligent she was. She was playful and talkative to her favorite green squeaky fish. I had never heard a dog talk so much to a fish!!!

I feel blessed to have been her mom for the last 7 years. This is a photo of her taken last September. Because of the brain tumor, for a little while, she had forgot how much she enjoyed getting on the sofa. When she remembered, and climbed up that evening... we had to take a picture!

She will always be remembered and loved.

- Irene Soo Hoo


Betty Dear little Betty was a mighty dog at heart. A real character who wanted to live life to the fullest despite all her ailments. She was a lonely little face (senior dog) dumped in a shelter when we rescued her a few years ago to be in our Sanctuary Program. Tooth-less with many senior ailments and bum leg, she was cared for and truly loved at her sanctuary homes and by everyone who spent time with her. Betty charmed everyone with her sweet antics, barks for attention, adorable face, and soulful eyes. She loved life as a cherished family member and recently enjoyed playing with some foster dogs visiting her home. Eventually her aging body failed her and she passed over to Rainbow Bridge in Vivien's arms peacefully on August 11, 2007. She was surrounded by people who loved her and we will miss her.

- Furry Friends Rescue


Harvey Harvey, a 3 month old lab/pointer mix, was rescued on July 26, 2007 along with his sister Harmony. Sadly, they both tested positive for parvo when they arrived at our vet's office. Treatments were started immediately but Harvey was never able to overcome the very deadly, but completely preventable, virus and died on August 2, 2007. We only knew him for a few days but he always had kisses for his visitors. Look in his eyes and remember that common, low-cost vaccinations would have prevented his suffering and saved his life. This never should have happened.

- Furry Friends Rescue


Ranger On January 12, 2007 our family was shocked and saddened at the sudden death of our beloved Ranger. He had just had his annual physical in December and everything checked out A-OK, but on that fateful Friday, we found him in his bed. It appears he went to sleep and never awoke. Ranger provided us with seven years of love. He leaves behind a very heartbroken family including his buddy Jake (another rescue pup). With us, Ranger had experienced chasing other family dogs in the Nevada snow, houseboating at Lake Shasta (twice), trips to Tahoe and numerous other excursions, too many to mention. Thank you for allowing Ranger to be such a BIG part of our lives...

- Keith, Tami, Wes and Erica


Giffen Griffen seemed to touch everyone he met with his happy, toothless smile and happy go lucky demeanor. I hadn't owned a dog for 8 years and was finally in a place where I could adopt and was recommened Griffen by Furry Friends. When I went to adoption showcase, it was love at first sight. His silly smile and happy personality stole my heart.

For the next 7 months we became devoted to each other and he was my heart. His smile and love even convinced those who weren't dog people to love him. Unfortunately, his previous life had left his kidneys weak, eventually renal failure took over and he was put to sleep the day after Christmas. Even though he was with me such a short time, he was very much loved. I will always remember him and everything he taught me and will love him forever.

- Vicki


Woody Woody and his sister Alice came to us from Furry Friends Rescue. Their mom, Coco, was rescued the summer of 2000. Woody was the runt and almost didn't make it. We adopted him with the idea that he would be fairly small. But he fooled us and grew to be over 100 lbs and very handsome ; ).

His personality was so strong and he made us laugh every single day. He survived cancer when he was a year old and lived 5-1/2 years longer before it came back with a vengence. Everyone who knew him loved his charming goofiness. We gave him a going away party 3 days before he took the turn downward - he loved it, his dog-pals loved it, and our human friends loved it. The dogs got Frosty Paws and other treats and we all got to say goodbye in our own way. He has left a huge hole in our lives and his sister Alice and little brother Shady miss him terribly. We love him so much.

- Karlyn, Joel, Alice and Shady



Alice was 14-1/2 years old when she left us on March 26 2015. We adopted her from FFR along with her brother Woody who's been waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge for 7 years.

She was the softest dog ever—her fur was beyond amazing. She had several medical problems during her life. She suffered a slipped disc in her neck, 2 elbow displaysia surgeries, and a major hip surgery. As she aged, she developed arthritis, a nose tumor which caused hemorrhaging, and was then diagnosed with Cushing's Disease.

All through these painful experiences, she was awesome. She was the best pill-taker in the world. Alice never once showed any upset with her lot in life. We will miss her studious nature, her loving personality and her determination to rid the world of squirrels. Her spirit will be with us forever.

- Karlyn, Joel and Shady


Jude Jude came to FFR a few years ago, I fostered him for almost a year, and loved him. He was a very loving, affectionate boy. Got along great with my 2 little ones. He developed some stomach problems, so we had him on a special diet. He would go to doggie day care every day and play and play!

A friend of mine who lives in Monterey in a huge home with a few acres of land knew he had problems, but still fell in love with him. He had acres to run in and was very happy with his new family. He got to chase rabbits, geese, wild turkeys - he would never harm them, just give chase and try to get them to play. Unfortunately his stomach problems turned out to be cancerous and sadly, Jude passed away 4 months after he was adopted. Hopefully he is now once again running, chasing and playing in heaven.

- Diane


Neo We started fostering Neo in October of 2005 for FFR. He was about 8 years old then and was waiting for his second chance in life while being with us.

Unfortunately, like it happens so often with senior dogs, it was hard to find a new home for Neo, although he was the happiest and most content dog we have ever fostered. He learned from our dogs how to play with toys, and he loved it, and to chew on rawhide bones - things his previous family sadly had not taught him. We appreciated his humbleness and optimism, and we often asked ourselves why nobody would recognize what a great companion he was and adopt him. Now we know he was meant to be with us until the end.

Neo fell very ill in December of 2006, his foster mom had just left for a long trip abroad. It was probably lymphoma cancer. Neo was very brave, even recovered for some time and held out for his mom to come back home. Less than two days later, in the morning of January 31st 2007, he passed away in her arms. We had officially adopted Neo a few days earlier, mostly to give ourselves peace of mind. It probably did not matter to Neo, because we think he knew from the start that with us he had found his real family and that he would not want to go anywhere else. We are now very glad that it was us who would care for him and be with him in his final weeks. We love him and will miss him very much.

- Shiny, Andreas, Cobe and Docker