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What does URGENT mean?

Furry Friends Rescue takes in as many dogs and cats from over-crowded animal shelters as we have foster homes for or we can board for a short time to save a life.

Animals at shelters have limited days after their stray hold (usually 4 - 6 days). Some shelters have 40 to 400 dogs/cats. Since shelters have to take in abandoned dogs and cats daily, they run out of cage space, therefore, the dog or cat that has been there days prior will be euthanized. It doesn't matter if they are young puppies or kittens or pure breeds (about 30% are pure breeds).

Overpopulation of domestic animals forces local animal control agencies in California to euthanize more than half a million dogs and cats every year. A cat or dog is killed in a local animals shelter every 63 second. See more information on how to help these animals (pdf file).

Depending on the shelter and space, after their stray hold, some only have 1-2 days left, and some have 1-2 weeks to be adopted or rescued. They are all innocent and wonderful dogs and cats that are in urgent need to be adopted by their forever family.

Please don't buy, Adopt and Save a Life.