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 Caeleb D4607


Caeleb D4607

Caeleb (Olympic Gold swimmer), was nervous and confused at the shelter but in a few days started to adjust to all the shelter noise. Once we took him out, he was very happy to meet another dog and was friendly. Very people friendly. Loves treats. He was fine being guided on a leash. He was quiet and calm for his breed type. He thrived on attention and needs basic training. He was just neutered and needs time to heal and learn at his foster home.

Caeleb needs an experienced guardian, home with a yard and daily exercise. We will see if he enjoys any dog sports. He is very handsome. More info. to come.

Update: Caeleb is a snuggly, love bug and gives kisses.  He does not like the crate but so far, no accidents.

8/12/21 Update: Caleb is a very sweet dog who will give kisses and lie around the house with you. He is fairly mellow for his breed and doesn't need excessive exercise. Since most dogs enjoy getting out and exploring, he will enjoy daily walks in the park, hikes and playtime. He has fun playing hide and seek when his foster mom hides and squeaks a toy. He enjoys meeting dogs but doesn't seem to have much experience playing with them. Foster home has another dog but he keeps pushing to hump. He is neutered but needs time for his hormones to decrease. He has been comfortable being alone in the house for a few hours. if you want a lovable dog who will bond to you quickly, Caleb is your guy. He is adjusting to his new life and we have seen that he isn't comfortable sharing beds/sleeping spaces with another dog. He also may not want to share his snuggle time with his human. It is possible that he'd be happier as an only dog for this reason. Until we learn more about him, we'd suggest an adult home or one with older experienced kids, 16 yrs and over.

8/15/21 Update: Caeleb is doing much better now as his hormone decreases. He can now focus on playing with other dogs vs trying to hump them.  Caeleb also now likes to play ball. Watch me play!

9/2/21 update: Very loving & kissy. Tail always wagging. He loves to roll on his back & show his belly for belly rubs. Always goes in play bow posture. He likes to play hard & then he sleeps hard a couple of hours. He loves chasing balls & brings it back well- drops it near me, but not in hand yet. Knows the word “ball” “sit” “find it”  and teaching him “paw” & “down” and “wait” but tends to pounce when going down & when released from wait.  He sleeps well through the night & no house accidents. Sometimes he acts out... he nips my feet like heeler.. he needs to expend energy so I yip "ouch" & try to redirect.  Needs continued training on leash and seeing new dogs on walks.

**Note: Adoption in SF Bay Area Only**

Details of Caeleb D4607

  • Name: Caeleb D4607
  • Type: Dog
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Border Collie / Cattle Dog
  • Age: 1 year 8 months
  • Color: Black with White
  • Size: 36 lbs.
  • House trained: Yes
  • Shots Current: Yes
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Special Needs: No
  • Good with Dogs: Yes
  • Good with Cats: No
  • My Video: https://fb.watch/7qluxst32J/
  • Host: Furry Friends Rescue
  • Organization: Furry Friends Rescue
  • Date Added: 8/7/21


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