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Albert D5680


Albert D5680

Albert was rescued from a crowded shelter. We were his last hope. He was a shelter favorite and they all adored him. He was nervous from his shelter cage when a stranger stared at him, but once out, he is very friendly, sweet, easy going and goofy. With us, he learned quickly that he was safe when we looked at him through bars and gave him treats (we did conditioning training). Albert then welcomed us looking and giving him treats. Tail wagging happy. He is tall, gorgeous, gentle, and charming. Albert loves treats, giving kisses and listens well. Good on leash. Great with other dogs. He needs a experienced guardian.

UPDATE: Albert was adopted mid-Jan, but he was returned us 3 weeks later due to prey issues with their cat. At his trainer's home, he did not react to cats. Even with proper introductions, as he got more comfortable at his home, he grabbed their cat. Cat is fine, no injury. Albert also hated getting his 3rd weekly toe nail clipping and this time reacted (possible from pain from his injured cracked toe nail) by nose butt/nip (no broken skin) to man's arm. He did great with dog walker for 3 weeks going with 5 other dogs to the dog park. But on the same day of the toe nail clip, the guardian took him to the dog park for his first time, and he got into a fight with a pit that was growling & barking at a person and pinned him. No injury. Not sure if he was protecting the person or didn't want to tolerate that dog's threats to the person. So no dog parks. He loves his daily walks and mingling with nice dogs. Albert is now back with our foster home/trainer and doing just fine. Fine with all the other dogs. He needs a very experienced guardian that will understand his sensitive behavior and guide him. Experienced Adult only. No kids or cats.

**Note: Adoption in SF Bay Area Only**

Details of Albert D5680

Name: Albert D5680
Type: Dog
Gender: Male
Breed: Great Dane / Dogo Argentino Mix
Age: 5 years 3 months
Color: White
Size: 118 lbs.
House trained: Yes

Shots Current: Yes
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Special Needs: No
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: No
Host: Furry Friends Rescue
Organization: Furry Friends Rescue
Date Added: 1/1/17


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