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Sammy (Watch my video!) needs a forever home.   We are taking him in so he will get foster care, daily exercise, social and training. His guardian adopted him as a puppy from another group but cannot keep him due to her living situation (no dogs allowed) and lack of time.  

Sammy is a very friendly, super sweet and happy pup.  Great personality and lovable.  He is friendly and playful with other dogs.  Sammy needs basic training classes and seems very smart.  He is treat motivated and easy to train. At our vet office, he got his first bully stick and guarded it with growl. Will need to teach him with trade. He needs an experienced guardian.  Kids 12 yrs+ since he may jump up on kids til he learns not to. He also will guard his bully stick at our vet office.  

Update 4/19/15: Unfortunately, poor Sammy had a seizure (Epilepsy) on the day we took him in to our vet. During his seizure, he increased injury to his rear knees and could not walk.

He has not had anymore seizures.

X-rays shows his tibia crest are far a part due to his growth plate not closing properly. More then likely due to early neuter from previous group. He saw a orthopedic surgeon. He will need surgery on both knees to put in a pin to hold gap together so he can walk again. Recovery will be about 6 weeks.

Since he is young, he should heal fast. We are looking for a foster home to help him recover. Will also get him a rear wheel holster for walks until his knees heal. Some dogs heal and do put weight down by 3 weeks. Everyone loves Sammy. The vet office staff adore him. He is very cooperative and a trooper. Update: His double knee surgery (tibia crest) was successful. He is now recovering. Surgery & hospital expenses are over $4,400. But soon he will be able to walk again and be a bionic dog! 5/20/15: He is now able to walk slowly. Need adult home with no active dog. He needs time to recovery and cannot play yet. 5/26/15: Sammy is doing well at his foster home. He can walk out slowly to yard for potty biz. Still using his rear wheelchair for longer walks. He is well behaved. Loves his food and sleeps thru the night. Donations are greatly needed and appreciated to help Sammy with his surgery cost. 8/31/15 update: Sammy's recovery was doing well and he started to walk without the wheelchair. But after only a few weeks, he started limping again. He saw the vet for 2 more x-rays and pain meds. Now once again, he cannot stand up. Now both his rear legs have luxating patella or tendon issues. So poor Sammy has to have another orthopedic surgery this week. So heart breaking. Meanwhile his great foster home has to help him stand up with sling for potty biz in their yard. Then he lays down and needs the wheel chair again for walks. His prior surgery cost us over $6,000. We are awaiting on cost of next surgery, but will probably be another $3-$4k. 9/7/15: Sammy had his right luxating patella surgery. 2nd one to be done after first leg heals. Article about our Sammy, Bionic Dog: http://baywoof.com/shelter-zone/furry-friends-rescue-saves-sammy-a-bionic-dog/ 11/7/15: He is now walking and doing great. His vet bills are over $14,000. Donations towards Sammy's vet bills are greatly needed and appreciated! FFR Purple Heart "Miracle Club": https://www.furryfriendsrescue.org/about_us/miracle_club

**Note: Adoption in SF Bay Area Only**

Thank you for sponsoring Sammy!

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Details of Sammy

  • Name: Sammy
  • Type: Dog
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Pointer / Pit Bull Terrier Mix
  • Age: 9 years
  • Color: White with Black
  • Size: 47 lbs.
  • House trained: Yes
  • Shots Current: Yes
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Special Needs: No
  • Good with Dogs: Yes
  • Good with Cats: Yes
  • My Video: https://youtu.be/gclSaXF3U-E
  • Host: Furry Friends Rescue
  • Organization: Furry Friends Rescue
  • Date Added: 3/22/15


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