FFR Home Fostered Dogs Search Results

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Daisy D5084

Daisy D5084 Hair/Color: Tan/yellow/fawn With White
Gender: Female

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Haired) Mix

Size: 10

Age: 9 years 5 months
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

Daisy was adopted but due to her guardian's declining elder health and lack of funds for vet care, she returned Daisy due to her diagnosis of diabetes (need more vet care, tests, and medications), she was returned back to us. Daisy was very sick in Dec. 2017 and her foster home rushed her to emergency for hospital care. Poor Daisy had 3 days of IV and hospital care to save her. She is now a Sanctuary Dog at her hero foster home. Daisy now needs twice daily doses of injected insulin and periodic blood/urine/lab tests and needs to be monitoring for the rest of her life. So far her vet costs exceed $1,300.00 which her foster home covered. They are her angels and heroes to care for her and all her medical needs.

We took in Daisy last minute from a very crowded shelter on 10/28/14. She is very sweet and friendly. Great with other dogs and easy going. Daisy was covered with fleas and treated/bathed. She has bad teeth and will get her dental on Monday. Meanwhile, she is now relaxing at her wonderful foster home and getting TLC. 

Danno D4653

Danno D4653 Hair/Color: White
Gender: Male

Breed: Maltese Mix

Size: 12

Age: 9 months
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

Poor Danno (Hawaii Five-O, "Book 'em Danno") was badly neglected and matted all over (tight on his skin).  He was nervous at the shelter at first but warmed up. Loves people attention. Shelter staff shaved him down, clipped his nails, cleaned his ears (was inflamed) and bathed him. Danno's skin was red and irritated from matts. He was patient with all of the handling while he chewed a treat. He loved his walks and climbing on to their lap. Danno loves treats and bouncy for more treats. Active and playful. Good with other dogs. Needs all basic training and extra TLC. Danno is now resting at his foster home and very sweet. He needs time to rest from his neuter surgery and time to get healthy. Soon he will look super adorable. More info. and photos to come from his foster home.

9/29/21 update:  Sweetie Danno is doing great at his foster home.  Very lovable, snuggly and playful.  He is getting healthier and still need time to learn house-training.  He loves his multiple daily walks.  Afraid of stairs.  We have to set up play dates with other small dogs to see more of his personality.  Danno would do best in a home with backyard for quick access for potty biz.  Loves to have someone that WFH.  He is quick moving and playful.  Need exercise and training. His after bath photo after 8 days in their home.   Danno loves playing with other dogs and would be happier with another playful dog at home for his happiness.   Danno sheds so could be mixed with terrier. 

Frankie D7048 (was D2682

Frankie D7048 (was D2682 Hair/Color: Red
Gender: Female

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier

Size: 40

Age: 12 years 5 months
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

Frankie came into FFR on 6/8/11 for our help to find her a new adoption home. Frankie is a very special dog. She comes from an abusive past and has flourished despite her past treatment.  She is very curious yet cautious of new experiences.  She does have high prey drive to other dogs and needs to be on leash at all times for control outside of her home.  She has learned to play with toys and sleep in her crate.  She is very smart and tries to avoid when she knows it’s time to do something she doesn’t want to do, so we are working on her obedience manners.  Frankie hasn’t had a lot of attention in her short life, so she is very reluctant to let you stop petting her.  With supervision, she ignored the foster home's cat & fine with same size male dog. Frankie needs a very experienced pack leader guardian to train her. Adult home. No kids.

Update: Frankie is doing great at her trainer/boarding home. She went out for a social walk at a park and streets, and she was great meeting new people. She ignored other barking dogs but did bark at dogs at a store. She needs a forever very experienced home.  Best as the only dog to continue her training.  We are paying for her boarding with a trainer/boarding home.

9/30/20 update: Finally, Frankie is in an experienced foster home for her golden years.  Doing great.  

Jodi D4435

Jodi D4435 Hair/Color: Tan
Gender: Female

Breed: Chihuahua Mix

Size: 6

Age: 5 years 4 months
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

8/4/21: Jodi (watch my new video! 9/12/2021) was adopted from us July 2020, but now needs a new adoption home due to son moving out (who was WFH) and parent's long work schedule change. She enjoys short walks (about 30 min), loves food and is a very sweet dog. Good with other dogs and calm.

We originally rescued Jodi from a shelter. She is very sweet and gentle. Friendly and good with other dogs. Needs basic training and healthy food. She had all her vet care and spay surgery, and is now relaxing. Jodi is very happy and doing great. More info. to come.


Update from foster home: Jodi is a happy girl who follows us from room to room and loves sitting next to us on the couch. She is good with my dog but doesn't like playing with him. She goes out for 30 min walks and love it. She sleeps in the crate at night and sleeps through the night (doesn't trouble us). She has not had any accidents in the house (except for the first day), she knows how to use a doggie door and access backyard. Looking for a home with attached yard for her. She loves going for a walk and walks well on a leash. She is a super foodie and will eat whatever you give her (that's really a good thing about Jodi, as my dog is a picky eater and it's so hard at times to feed him). Kids 10 yrs and up. Right now Jodi is fearful of being pick up (maybe she was dropped before) so foster home is working with her on being picked up. Learning she is safe. Will go onto foster home's laps.

Update from foster home: Jodi has started opening up and now plays with our dog. She also has started trusting us, comes and sits on our lap, and seems OK when we try to pick her. She gets super excited when you take her out for a walk, walks well on a leash, and loves sniffing and meeting other friendly dogs.

Katniss D7032

Katniss D7032 Hair/Color: Tan/yellow/fawn With Black
Gender: Female

Breed: German Shepherd

Size: 60

Age: 4 years 9 months
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

She is friendly with people she knows and she is active. Good with other dogs she knows, but can be dog dominate with some dogs when she was at doggie day care or strange dogs on walks.  In her temp foster home, she was not good with female GSD stray that was off leash and ran up to her.  After a few meets, she was ok with her but ignored.  Katniss needs a very experienced guardian to guide and continue her training. She had a mild ear infection which was treated and she is fine now.  Needs experienced guardian for training and exercise with no other dog and someone that understands that not all dogs are social butterflies.  Katniss is loyal and bonds to her guardian, and prefers to be the only dog.  No dog parks.  Katniss would be a great best friend and hiking buddy!   

Prior to temp., foster home.  Katniss was doing well at her boarding & trainer's home.  She is smart, loves attention of people she bonds to and has been good with their other dogs with trainer supervision.  They have high GSD training experience to watch body language and their GSD are well trained to leave Katniss alone.

In a temp. foster home, she adjusted and became affectionate.  Loves her home life, relaxing, hanging out with her people, toys, treats, uses a doggie door and large yard.  Pulls on leash very hard and she is strong.  But now she prefers to be the only dog and good with people she knows. Reactive leary to strangers and visitors.  Loves treats and knows "Sit" command.  With visitors, she needs time to warm up before she will trust them.  She needs a very experienced adult home for basic quiet walks, routine, home with backyard and experienced/confident adult guardian with GSD to give her time (2-3 weeks to adjust).

She is emotionally sensitive to change. Phobic of change due to early spay.  At her foster home, she was good with mom and 2 sons (17 & 20 yrs), but leary and growled at the father.  At their home, she loved belly rubs, lounging on the sofa, quiet, and light ball play.  When she is unsure of a person (husband or strangers), she will bark or do low growl.  On walks, she would look at other people or dogs in the distance and did not bark.  Does not bark at neighbor's dog from fence, nor a squirrel that yaps at her.  She just watches.   

Update July 2020:  She is now in a very experienced foster home dealing with behavior issue dogs with no other dog at home to work with her.  She is fearful, phobic and very emotionally sensitive of change (more so then other dogs).  Takes her days to weeks to adjust, won't eat or drink, hides in her crate, fearful, and holds her potty biz.  Once she gets over her phobic fear stage in 5 days, she does relaxes and is normal.  Loves belly rubs, lovable, loves being petted, gives kisses, will lounge, watch TV, follow, and being brushed.  She loves kong on rope, squeaky or wobbly motion toys and chase after ball.  Katniss loves cheese, chicken, beef, and some fruit.  She is very strong on leash and wants to hunt for cats or small critters on walks, thus she goes into hunt mode.  She has very high prey drive to cats and small critters.  Once she sees a prey, she is very stubborn, focused, ignores treats, and will not listen to corrections. Katniss wants to go out the door first (bolt) so need to set up dog pen in front door and continue training her with "Stay" and "Wait".   Foster home has to be very strong to hold her leash.  She is a huntress.   At home, she is very good at relaxing, will watch TV, playing with squeaky toys, very sweet, will give kisses, shake paw for treats, and a buddy.   For now, she is a sanctuary dog unless someone can deal with her behavior issues, strength and high prey drive.  Katniss is a loyal body guard.    

Kelly D4654

Kelly D4654 Hair/Color: Tricolor (tan/brown & Black & White)
Gender: Male

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Size: 7

Age: 4 years
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

New rescue sweetie. Kelly (Hawaii Five-O, Chin Ho Kelly) was nervous at the shelter but warmed up. Once he feels safe, he goes up to people for attention. Enjoys being petted and can be handled all over. Gentle, calm and dog friendly. Kelly is tiny, adorable and very chill.

Foster home says he is super easy, cuddle-bug and very loving dog!  He needs a home with attached backyard.  He loves going out to yard for potty biz and sniff/lounge.  Kids 10 yrs and up.  

Kimee D4639

Kimee D4639 Hair/Color: Fawn
Gender: Female

Breed: Terrier / Miniature Poodle Mix

Size: 15

Age: 7 months
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

Kimee was rescued from a shelter. She was mildly neglected and had a hot spot on her thigh. Shelter vet bathed with medicated shampoo and it's healing. She has a small hernia which will be repaired at time of spay. She was nervous at the shelter but warmed up once she felt safe. Once we took her out, she was confused and timid at first but quickly warmed up. At her foster home, she is now super happy, loves belly rubs, playful doing zoomies, active and playing with their dog for hours. Kimee is affectionate and gives kisses. Very sweet. She needs all basic training and socials. During her first evening she did bark from her crate at first during foster home dinner time but did fine and was quiet over night.  She wanted attention from foster home. She will need a home with an attached yard. Kimee loves running, playing, lounging and for her potty biz in yard. More info. to come as she learns and gets TLC at her foster home.

Max D6732

Max D6732 Hair/Color: Black With Tan, Yellow Or Fawn
Gender: Male

Breed: German Shepherd

Size: 60

Age: 6 years 1 month
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue
Hi, I need a temporary foster home while I wait to be adopted. Will you please foster me?

Max (watch my video!) was at a distant overcrowded shelter for over a month when his time was up. He had no options left so we rescued him. All the volunteers adore him. Despite having no walks from his shelter kennel, once out, he is well behaved and great with other dogs he met at the shelter and volunteers. He needs time to warm up and feel safe, then cooperative loves treats, and is lovable. Smart and gorgeous.  Max did great during his transport car ride, but once at a new place, he was nervous and confused.  Did take treats.  Once he knows you, he will be your best friend and bodyguard. Max will need an experienced guardian and a home with a yard. For now, no kids. More info. to come as he relaxes and learns.

Update 9/12/21: Sadly, when his potential foster home and her 2 GSDs, during their two meets, her female GSD did not work out with him. The female is less tolerant of new dogs and wants to be the top dog. Max did great with her male dog and social. He loves treats, snuggled, being petted and enjoyed the attention. Need basic leash training. Poor Max will continue to board until we can find him an experienced foster home that will give him time to warm up and feel safe

Max is boarding until we can find him an experienced and dedicated foster home.  Donations needed to help pay for his boarding.

10/1/21 update:  Our volunteers are visiting Max and taking him out for walks and play yard.   Doing great and friendly with 2nd visit with female and male, with yummy treats and turkey hot dogs. Max goes to male volunteer for hot dogs, long walk and fine being petted.  Max is a sweetie.

McGarrett D7472

McGarrett D7472 Hair/Color: Black With Tan, Yellow Or Fawn
Gender: Male

Breed: German Shepherd

Size: 19

Age: 2 months 3 weeks
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

McGarrett (Hawaii Five-O) was rescued from a shelter where he was nervous at first but warmed up once he felt safe. At the shelter, he did low growl during canned-food bowl test with fake hand in a room. He was very hungry and was probably afraid of the fake hand on stick. No issues feeding treats and chews by hand. Once we took him out he was friendly and social.  Loves other dogs and playing with foster home's dog. He is a little thin and has a sore spot on his body which was cleaned and healing. McGarrett is very handsome, smart and will grow up to be a large GSD. He will need an experienced GSD guardian, plenty of exercise, puppy training and socials.  Need home with attached yard, supervision, best if WFH, and daily exercise.  McGarrett would be happiest with another playful dog at home.  More info. to come as he learns and gets TLC at his foster home.

His video by his hero foster home. They love him. https://www.facebook.com/FFRescue/videos/584200592890353

Mika D4499

Mika D4499 Hair/Color: White
Gender: Female

Breed: Chihuahua

Size: 11

Age: 8 years 8 months
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

We rescued sweetie Mika from a shelter when her previous guardian surrendered her there. Person told shelter that she is 8 yrs, but we will need our vet to confirm with exam. She seems younger, maybe 6 yrs. She was sad, confused and nervous at the shelter for first few days, but warmed up to the shelter staff. At first she was nervous of being picked up, but after a few days, she was fine with being petting and picked up. Easy on leash and curious. Good with polite dogs. Already doing well on her first day at her foster home with 2 other dogs. When she met us it took her a couple of minutes to approach and take Full Moon Chicken filet treats. Then she was friendly, tail wagging, approaching us for more treats and being petted. She is a sweetie and needs a true forever home for life. Mika needs to eat healthy foods and lose weight with daily walks. Adorable. 

3/15/21 Update: She sees our feral cat on porch and doesn’t seem to really care. She looks but doesn’t bark or try to chase. She is potty trained, she was for most part when she arrived but we had to fine tune in the last month. She is a funny dog, not big on much affection but does like to be close and sit on my lap. She likes toys, will chase after toys/balls, walks, and loves her bed. She does not like to be picked up unless she’s inside her bed, we call it her “elevator”.

6/22/21 update: Mika had an abscess infection on her left cheek from infected molar. First vet cleaned and gave pain meds & antibiotics. 2nd vet did dental and extracted 2 back molar teeth. $700. Donations greatly appreciated.  

MyKayla D7016

MyKayla D7016 Hair/Color: Tan/yellow/fawn With Black
Gender: Female

Breed: German Shepherd

Size: 30

Age: 10 months
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

Sweetie MyKayla, maybe Mal mix, was rescued from a rural distant shelter that only holds strays and does no adoptions.  Poor MyKayla was there since 7/13/21.  We were contacted when her time was up. Only 1 Animal Control Officer tries to feed the dogs until stray hold is up. Dogs are left alone for long hours. MyKayla is very happy when person walks up to her cage. Calm and sweet on leash when out. She is skinny and needs time to get healthy. Dog friendly and gave kisses to Suni, Husky.

She is precious. A little timid of change from transport and new home, but warms up at home. Thanks to her foster home for bathing her. She did well.

9/9 Update:  She has put on healthy weight and now looks gorgeous.  Happy at home and playing with foster home's dogs. She has  no training. She’s sill pretty scared/wary. She’s now mostly house trained and crate trained. Trying to slowly get her used to going for walks... she is very fearful when away from the house.

Ryan D4523

Ryan D4523


Hair/Color: Fawn
Gender: Male

Breed: Miniature Poodle / Lhasa Apso

Size: 15

Age: 1 year 1 month
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

Ryan was rescued from a shelter where he was scared and nervous. Ryan and Jenny were left in a shelter night box over-night. He has been neglected with huge matts, dirty and thin. Was probably left uncared for in a backyard. Once shelter staff carried him out of his cage, he warmed up outside with treats and being handled. He was fine meeting a volunteer dog but did not engage since he was too distracted. Maybe for the first time out of his shelter cage. When he saw Jenny he got really happy and social. He did great with our transporter and was very sweet. Gave her kisses. Ryan had his vet care, huge matt on his rear was shaved off and he is now relaxing at his foster home. Warmed up fast at their home. He needs extra TLC, basic training and professional grooming. Then he will be neutered (has one cryportic testical so will need exploratory neuter surgery). Soon he will be gorgeous. He will need an experienced home with yard. No kids for now. More info. and groomed photo to come.

Snowy D5051

Snowy D5051 Hair/Color: White
Gender: Male

Breed: Miniature Poodle / Dachshund Mix

Size: 16

Age: 14 years
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

Snowy was rescued on 9/29/14 from a Santa Clara County shelter. Snowy is a very gentle and sweet dog. Very affectionate and does great with other dogs. He is recovering from severe neglect where he lived his life outside. Due to his severe matting he ended up having many open skin wounds which are now healing. He is undergoing extensive rehab, learning to live inside a house.

FOSTER HOME UPDATE - 13 October 2014 Snowy is doing fantastic in his foster home. As the foster home states, "he is the perfect dog!" He does great with their dog and all family members. He enjoys going on walks and hikes. Since being in his foster home, we have discovered that Snowy may have a neurological/behavioral issue. He seems to be unaware of when he needs to go to the bathroom. He tends to soil himself without realizing it. Snowy was examined by a vet and all tests seemed to show no neurological issues. Instead the vet thought his issue was more behavioral, however there is no way to be 100% certain. The foster home has him wear diapers and it works great. Snowy will need that special person willing to take him as he is and boy will his forever home get so much more in return. He is just a love bug, loves being around people and especially loves to snuggle and be held. He is one of those dogs that has been through so much he now deserves his forever loving home.

Snowy is a Sanctuary Dog. Donations appreciated for his supplies (diaper/pads) & constant vet care needs (tests, x-rays, medications).

Please help us raise $8,000 for Snowy's recent emergency vet care, supplies and future medical needs.

Suni D6541

Suni D6541 Hair/Color: Black With Gray Or Silver
Gender: Female

Breed: Husky

Size: 40

Age: 3 years 2 months
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

Beautiful Suni (Watch my video on FB!) was rescued from a rural distant shelter.  Her time was up when we were contacted to save her. This shelter only hold strays and have no adoptions. Only 1 animal control officer tries to feed the dogs until stray hold is up. Dogs are left alone for very long hours. Suni is dog and people friendly. She was gentle friendly with MyKayla, a Mal mix pup that came to us also. She is calm for a husky. She was quiet in her shelter cage where she stayed for long hours and rarely walked. Once taken out of cage she was happy and ready for a walk. More info. to come as she relaxes and learns at her foster home.

8/24/21 Update: Suni was great with her bath, hanging out and is very sweet. No accidents in their home. She loves going out to yard. She can be pushy to play with other dogs and doesn't know manners yet to back off. She will need an active dog like her to play with. No cats. She will chase. She needs a home with attached yard.

9/3/21 Update: She’s a great dog, very easy and “chill”. Loves to sit outside and take in nature, play with her toys and just hang out.

Teddy D4478

Teddy D4478 Hair/Color: White
Gender: Male

Breed: Miniature Poodle / Lhasa Apso

Size: 20

Age: 2 years 6 months
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

9/7/21: Sadly, Teddy will return to us. He is not working out with his adopter who adopted him 3 mos ago. He gets along great with her small dog and very playful.  But he is not leash trained still and pulls to hard for her shoulder issue. After his neuter, he now seems to have fear reactive nip issues sometimes with handling of his ear or rear. Teddy will need a very dedicated and experienced adult home to work with him for leash training and work on training or avoiding things he doesn't like. Usually he is very sweet and friendly, but random, he may react. We have to see why he is doing this and give him additional training and supplement to help him. He is super cute. Goes to groomers but will need muzzle. Need home with yard. No kids. Need very experienced adult guardian.

We received Teddy from his guardian who had him since he was a puppy (not sure of breed mix with poodle), but she moved into a rental apt, and could not keep him with her long work hours. She was not able to socialize or walk him much. He was friendly and sweet with her, but was not happy in the apt. He needs exercise, social play with other dogs and someone home more. Teddy was very scared today 4/27/21 and upset (growled, tried to nip) during transport, vet exam (needed all vaccinations, deworm, ID chip) and foster home pick up. After the day at his hero foster home with another dog, he started to feel safe and enjoyed going out to yard (guided on leash). His foster home took this quick photo. Teddy will need time (3 weeks or more) to relax, learn english commands, eat healthy and will get groomed when not so scared. He will have is neuter surgery after grooming (has matted coat). Right now he is too fearful and in shock of change. Teddy will need an experienced guardian and home with yard. No kids. Another dog may help him feel safe.  He loves playing with other dogs.   More info. to come as he relaxes and learns at his foster home.

Update from foster mom after first night: Teddy is shy at first. He slept well on dog bed all night and now is doing great. He rolled over for a belly rub and hair brush this morning. We went for a productive walk and no accidents in the house, so safe to say he is housetrained. He likes to sniff and sniff on our walks and has been showing interest in dog toys and a tennis ball.  He loves to play with other dogs.  Another dog at home  prefered for his happiness and to help him feel safe.

He is still nervous of being picked up until he trust the person.   Did fine with vacation foster home who bathed him.  Doesn't like crate, but learning and will adjust.  Was fine with groomer.  Nervous of being handled to fast to put on bladder wrap.  Loves his walks.  Did sleep in vacation foster home's bed and loves laps/snuggling.  Foster home training him and he doing great. Happy kid.  He loves other dogs to play.  Need adult experience adult home only.   Teddy needs a home with backyard.  He loves going out to the yard for potty biz, playing and lounging. 

9/18/21 update:  Teddy is doing well at his foster home with another med size dog.  Calm and has been fine on walks.  

10/11/21 Update from Foster Home:  He is happy in his little area of the house. He is patient and quite waiting there while I work from home. We let him into the family room in the evening and he loves to sit on my lap for tv time. He loves belly rubs, being brushed, going for walks and car rides.  Will chase squirrels and probably cats. Dog friendly and playful with most dogs.

Guards food and treats. Feels threatened if you approach him while he has either. Best to leave him alone to enjoy and done eating. Sometimes he does not come when summoned.  He does not like to be physically moved/picked up.  If I know I am going to need to move him I will usually get him on leash and then he goes willingly.

Titan D7485 (was Steve)

Titan D7485 (was Steve) Hair/Color: Black With Tan, Yellow Or Fawn
Gender: Male

Breed: German Shepherd

Size: 88

Age: 3 years 3 months
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

Meet Titan, German Shepherd, 3 yrs, 88 lbs. This handsome boy's time was up at a long distant shelter so we rescued him. He is very skinny and has fly bitten ear tip. Everyone that has met him informed me that he is a very good doggie. Great with other dogs he was tested with. He loved playing in the dog pool since it was so hot at the shelter. Loves treats and cooperative with walks from shelter kennel to hall ways to yard. Passed all shelter staff and volunteer extensive evaluation/tests. We took him on Friday 7/16/21.

Update 7/17/21: He needs a new foster home with experience. Not working out at his current foster home of 1 day. She got him on Friday. He was neutered on Thurs. He was fine on Friday, ate well and crated over-night and quiet. Loves food! Sat. am, when foster home leashed him from crate and he was rushing to go out door to yard, she held him back and tried to adjust the leash clip to his collar. He did low growl warning. She continue to try to remove his cone, he growled and then bite her hand. He was either frustrated to go out for potty or didn't like being held back and he reacted. He went to potty and wanted to play ball. So he did a correction but of course, our hands have thin skin. He continue to be happy and friendly, and even giving her kisses today, Sun. The foster home does not feel comfortable fostering him due to his size and this incident.

At the shelter, staff and all volunteers adored him. Past shelter tests and many volunteers took him out, handled/grabbed/petted all over body to paws, and good with other dogs. So he needs a very GSD experienced foster home for his size and home with backyard. No kids or smaller size dogs for safety. We need to see more of his behavior once he settles into a routine. He is good with dogs his size,, both male and female, that he met at the shelter.

Update 7/19/21: Titan is now boarding at a kennel. He was fine with his foster home trying on harness on him the day before. When our transporter volunteer walked into home, but once the volunteer put the harness away, he slowly warmed up to her his foster home when she had to transport him to boarding. At the shelter he was friendly with everyone, but at the home since Friday, he needs more time to warm up to a stranger entering home. After 1/2 hour of playing ball and he then took treats but quickly. Need to use open hand and give him time to learn visitor is not a intruder. He will need a very experienced and confident GSD adult only guardian. Rode in back seat of car fine. Jumps in and lays down. Came out of car fine and enjoyed walking around. Front desk person took leash and walked him to kennel. No issues. He is confused and we need to watch his behavior while he learns. Titan is doing fine with kennel staff, friendly and loves playing with water (misters).

9/7/21  He is now with a new foster home and doing fine.  We spent $1,200 on his boarding and food needs.  Donations are greatly appreciated.  

Ziggy D7471

Ziggy D7471 Hair/Color: Black With Tan, Yellow Or Fawn
Gender: Male

Breed: German Shepherd Mix

Size: 20

Age: 3 months
Listed By: Furry Friends Rescue

Ziggy was rescued from a shelter. He has a mild cough and gettng better at his foster home. He is very sweet and a little timid. Everything is new to him.  So far he loves to nap on the sofa, social with people, enjoys being held, and cuddling with his foster home. Did fine meeting other dogs at the shelter. Not playing yet with foster home's dog.. He needs time to relax, feel safe and get healthy. He will need an experienced guardian and home with attached yard. More info. to come from his foster home.