4th of July Safety Tips!

Each year animal shelters see a record number of strays during the 4th of July.  With all the commotion and fireworks going on it can be a very scary time for your pets! So what can you do to help make sure your pet is safe? 1) Leave them at home! Your pet doesn’t know … Read more

Good Information to Know part 2 | Pets First Aid & Emergency Preparedness

Most of the links below are listed on our Resource Page under Pet Emergency. First Aid Just like First Aid for humans, there is First Aid for pets too!  With access to the internet you can easily find a lot of links to learn basic First Aid to care for your furry loved one.  Just … Read more

Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

As the season of food, gifts and seasonal plants comes into full force, it’s important to make sure us dogs and cats are kept safe! As you know, many of us can’t discriminate between what’s good for us and what’s bad for us… especially when food is involved! So make sure you protect your furry … Read more