Getting Fit with your Pet!

Summer is here and the weather is getting nicer – no more excuses to not take the dog outside for some exercise!  Remember a healthy pet is a happy pet (and also means less vet bills and other expenses), plus it’s just as good for you as it is for them! However if you’re tired … Read more

How to Prepare for Pet Costs pt. 3 of 3

When all else fails, look for programs that might be able to help you pay for your bills.  The following list is from our website – Financial Assistance Programs for Veterinary Bills American Animal Hospital Association Helps those in need access quality veterinary care for their sick or injured pets. We raise funds and … Read more

How to Prepare for Pet Costs pt. 2 of 3

People have health insurance so why not pet insurance?  Over the years, pet insurance has become increasingly popular.  While some people wonder why not just save money for accidents and emergencies – for some people this isn’t easy and they’re more comfortable paying a monthly fee and having insurance.  In some instances, people end up … Read more