Gifting Pets for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a season of giving.. and of gift giving!  If you’re thinking of giving a dog or a cat as a pet for someone else, please think thoroughly through your decision before picking up an animal.  We are BIG commitments and we want a forever home, not a seasonal one. There are … Read more

Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

As the season of food, gifts and seasonal plants comes into full force, it’s important to make sure us dogs and cats are kept safe! As you know, many of us can’t discriminate between what’s good for us and what’s bad for us… especially when food is involved! So make sure you protect your furry … Read more

Welcome to the new Furry Friends Rescue Blog!

Well, Furry Friends Rescue (FFR) thought it would be nice to have a blog to share stories and tips about rescue animals! And who better to author the blog than one of their own rescue dogs…. me, Morgan! I wanted to start this blog by telling you how these abandoned animals find their way to … Read more