4th of July – Safety Tips for dogs & cats

According to Animal Shelters, 4th of July holiday brings in record numbers of strays. Here are the tips for how to keep your animal safe during this great event. Please be safe and have a wonderful 4th of July! Tips for your pet’s safety: July 4th Fireworks Are No Blast For Pets Release Your Dog’s … Read more

Furry Friends Rescue Needs YOUR Help!

In these tough economic times our funds are dwindling, what this means is that we’re not going to be able to rescue as many animals as before (they all have vet, food, and other costs), especially the special needs ones. What can you do to help? Donate at www.furryfriendsrescue.org/donations Vote for us on the Animal Rescue … Read more

California’s SB 250 The Pet Responsibility Act

Each year, over $250 million dollars is spent housing and euthanizing homeless dogs and cats in California1. Approximately 1 million dogs and cats enter California’s shelters each year, and over half of them (500,000+) are euthanized (killed) simply because there are not enough homes. STOP THE CYCLE! Visit their Home page at www.yesonsb250.com to learn more. Download the Support Letter … Read more