4th of July is everybody’s favorite…. except for some of our animal friends. Unfortunately, so many animals go missing because they are so frightened of fireworks. Let’s make sure to keep your animals safe this year and have fun!

  • Keep your pets indoors at home in a sheltered, quiet area.
    Some animals can become destructive and panic when frightened, so be sure that you’ve removed any items that your pet could destroy or that would be harmful to your pet if chewed.
  • Leave a television or radio playing at normal volume to keep him company and drawn out 4th of July fireworks.
  • Best to stay home with your pet. Make sure to give your dog extra exercise during the day to wear him or her out.
  • If you know that your pet is seriously distressed by loud noises like thunder, consult with your veterinarian before July 4th for ways to help alleviate the fear and anxiety he or she will experience during fireworks displays.

4th of July Safety TIps


You can purchase “stress & anxiety” supplements to help calm their nerves.  A lot of online pet stores via Furry Friends Shopping page. (Shopping from these links will donate %s to FFR!)

TranQuil tablets has helped our dogs:
Sold at Waggin Tail, Union City and other pet stores.

Other Helpful Tips!

PFE My Mutt Poster: Suzy

Here’s new My Mutt program poster of Suzy! So cute!! Suzy is happily adopted in May 2015 :)

What is Pet Food Express “My Mutt” Program?

When you donate at least $250 to Furry Friends Rescue, your pet’s photo* will be produced & mounted on a wall of a Pet Food Express store. For a donation of $500 or more, you can keep the poster after it has been displayed for about 10-12 months.

Make your pet a star!

PFE My Mutt Poster: Suzy

Note about Furry Friends Rescue Dogs & Cats

All of our adoptable animals are adoptable in Northern California - SF Bay Area Only. If you can't adopt right now, but still want to help? Please consider donating and/or fostering our dogs & cats. We rescue dogs and cats from local animal shelters. Our local shelters are ALWAYS full and needs our support! Your donation helps those Dogs and Cats directly in a HUGE way. Read our "How to Adopt > About Our Rescued Animals" section to learn how our rescued dogs & cats are treated. Thank you for caring! Thank you for adopting!
Diane Douglass

We are grateful, proud and honored to feature our super hero volunteer, Diane Douglass in Bay Woof, Paying Tribute to Animal Advocates and Volunteers! November 2016.

Diane Douglass
Diane, Steve & Suzy

Diane Douglass is one of our foster home all-stars who has been assisting Furry Friends for five years. She helps oversee the adoption showcases (Sunnyvale), serves as an adoption counselor, web loader, and event lead volunteer. Diane’s dedication, professionalism, flexibility, and tenacity, make her a trusted and very responsible core team member. No matter the obstacle, she always gets the job done. We are so grateful for her help, friendship, support, and passion to help save abandoned dogs. Diane and her family, (husband Steve is pictured), fostered senior sweetie Suzy, a 12-year-old golden retriever mix, giving her the much-deserved TLC she needed. It didn’t take long for Suzy to capture their hearts, and they adopted her as a forever-family member. Suzy is now 14 years old, happy and very loved.

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