Found kittens? Here’s what you should do

Kitten season is upon us. You may find kittens that need your help. Hayward Animal Shelter created an awesome diagram for us to reference!

Fostering Saves Lives!

Fostering is an extremely important part of our rescue process. Without fosters, we cannot rescue dogs/cats from our local shelters. That is why fostering literally saves lives! Join our foster home network. If you are interested, please read “Fostering Criteria” on our Foster Home Network page and fill out our online application there!


All City Animal Shelters are overloaded with dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. We need dedicated and experienced super hero foster homes for dogs (all sizes but especially for large dogs), moms with puppies or kittens and bottle/underage puppies/kittens. Open your heart and home to homeless fur kid and know that you are their Guardian Angel!