Fundraising: Hope for Sweetie Bruno

Hi FFR Friends,

We have difficult news to share but we hope with your help, we can continue to help him. Bruno had his CT Scan on Saturday. The report came back today from a specialist. He will need total ear canal ablation on both ears. It will cost over $10,000. The surgeon told us it is the worst case he has ever seen…😢

Bruno's ear

After this surgery, which will remove pain/infection, he will be deaf. Poor Bruno has suffered for years until he was dumped at the shelter. Now he will lose his hearing…😢 Despite all his years of suffering, he is such a sweetie. Loves his daily hikes, well behaved, gentle, friendly to all people and dogs. We have fostered and placed many deaf dogs, and all learn.

So, we need 2 help from our kind supporters which will help Bruno:

  1. Due to his current foster home’s upcoming vacation in 2 weeks, he will need a new foster home to guide and train with Deaf Dog needs. Another dog usually helps the deaf dog. Please read “Foster Home Network” page and fill out the online foster application (link in the same page).
  2. Please please DONATE to cover his $10,000 veterinary care cost (Surgery, CT Scan, Before & After Care). Furry Friends Rescue is dedicated to rescuing many medically challenged dogs/cats and we rely on your support. Any amounts count! Thank you!

April 5, 2021