Urgent Plea for Help! HERO Holiday Foster Family Needed

The holiday season is upon us. We need many dedicated HERO Foster Homes to help with Thanksgiving vacations and help save more dogs/kittens from many over-crowded city shelters. All city animal shelters will get over-loaded and run out of cage space, sadly due to people dumping their pets in the shelters during the holiday season… :(

On top of Thanksgiving Holiday week, we and many shelters will back up to take in dogs and cats that may need to transfer from Camp Fire shelters to make room for incoming strays for guardians to reunite. This will be ongoing thru December.

Please be their HERO Foster Family. If you can help, please let us know! If you haven’t fostered with us yet, learn about our Foster Network and please make sure to fill out the Online Foster Form.

Have a wonderful and relaxing thanksgiving!