Heroic Foster Mom & Wonderful FFR Volunteer, Christine Law. We Thank you!

Hero foster mom, Christine Law & Chappie
Hero foster mom, Christine Law & Chappie

Christine Law and her family have been fostering dogs with us since 2014. Over the years, she’s cared for numerous long-term fosters—many of them with special behavioral and medical needs like Chappie, a puppy that needed liver shunt surgery.

She helps to rehabilitate, give tons of TLC, and prepares them for their forever homes. Hero foster moms like her make it possible for us to rescue neglected shelter dogs that need more time, special vet care, training and TLC until they are healthy to find their perfect forever home.

On top of her time spent fostering and kind donations, she also helps out at our adoption showcases from set-up to breakdown. Our-life saving rescue work is successful thanks to our team of great volunteers. We are extremely grateful for Christine’s dedication to help save furry lives!

—Kathryn Bonham,
Originally posted on BayWoof.com

Christine, Taylor and Chappie
Christine, Taylor and Chappie

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Caring for animals with special needs

Chappie is an FFR Miracle Club puppy that we rescued from Hayward Shelter. He was very sick and about to die from liver failure. We rushed him to our vets and specialists for his vet care and surgery (cost us over $8,000). Thanks to Christine and her family, they donated thousands to help with his surgery, follow up vet care and medication costs. It took months of recovery, but he fully healed and now healthy. Chappie is happy and very loved.