FFR Volunteer Mamta Patankar featured in Bay Woof, Paying Tribute to Animal Advocates and Volunteers!

Inspiring stories this month from animal welfare advocates who issue a hearty thanks to their hardworking, dedicated, unpaid helpers, the volunteers who keep their sometimes crazy and chaotic animal worlds smoothly operating. — Bay Woof

Mamta Patankar

We are so grateful and appreciative of our superstar volunteer, Mamta Patankar of San Jose! She has been an invaluable member of the Furry Friends Rescue team for six years.

Mamta helps us as a lead counselor for our dog adoption showcases, handling all needs at events, dog foster home, and transports of new rescues weekly from animal shelters to our vet offices. She also takes care of provisions for our rescue dogs, caring for them at our vet office, and takes new photos for our website and social media. Mamta juggles it all and does it with a smile on her face. Her dedication, reliability, and positive attitude help keep Furry Friends Rescue’s mission of saving furry lives going strong. We are so thankful to have Mamta on our FFR team!

Dedicated volunteers and foster homes are our heart and soul. Mamta embodies both heart and soul.

—Emily Verna, President, Furry Friends Rescue

You can read the article at: http://baywoof.com/featured-article/thanks-volunteers-for-being-so-awesome/