First group of North Bay Fire rescues from Napa Shelter via Hayward Animal Shelter Volunteers are here!

Hi FFR Supporters! Here are the first group of North Bay Fire rescues from Napa Shelter via Hayward Animal Shelter Volunteers. These are animals that needed to be cleared out of the Napa Shelter to make room for incoming animals from the devastating fires.

Queensland mix
Queensland mix, 8 mos., Female, 48 lbs. Awaiting temp test to confirm. Need experienced foster home. So far, friendly and very sweet.
Calico 3
Calico, female, 4 mos.
Calico 2
Calico, 4 mos., female.
Calico , 4 mos., female.

Thanks to Hayward Shelter for driving there to take in many dogs and cats! We will capture better photos soon after they arrive at our vet office and get settled into their foster homes. We are super busy and scrambling.

Fostering Saves Lives!

We are still in great need of dedicated and experienced foster homes for North Bay Fires dogs and cats!  Please read our Foster Home Network page first, and then apply online application for dog foster and application for cat foster! When you apply, please state what breed type, age, activity level and size you can foster in your home.

Emergency Donations:

We are urgently in need of donations to cover vet care, supplies, food, and boarding! Thank you for your life-saving help!