North Bay Fire dogs & kittens foster URGENTLY needed!

Hello FFR Supporters. We need URGENT help. Please please share this post on your Facebook, Twitter and other SNS! We need a lot of dedicated and experienced Foster Homes to help take in some North Bay Fire dogs and kittens soon.

We have no office, building nor shelter. All volunteer foster homes. Donations are used directly for our rescue animal’s vet care, boarding, supplies, and all other needs.

We need to ramp up to take in many dogs and kittens from the North Bay Fires. Over 6 counties have been destroyed :( Animal shelters are overwhelmed and need to clear cage space for incoming strays and surrenders. Existing dogs and cats from all these shelters are being transferred out to Bay Area shelters and beyond.

If you can help foster, please fill out our Foster Home Application for dog and cats. Please state what breed type, age, activity level and size you can foster in your home.

All new dogs and cats will go to our vet office first for vet care. We try our best to match the right dog to fit with your home and family. New rescue dogs need supervision, training and mid-day breaks. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks for a dog or cat to learn, get healthier and feel safe to see more of their true personalities/behaviors.

More information on our Foster Home Network

Emergency Donations:

We are urgently in need of donations to cover vet care, supplies, food, and boarding! Thank you for your life-saving help!

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