“Purple Heart” Miracle Club and Sanctuary

Nathaniel - "Miracle Club" story

Shelters often don’t have the funding or ability to care for those animals that have special needs and many of these animals end up on the “put to sleep” list because they are hard to adopt out. Furry Friends Rescue’s “Miracle Club” is often the last resort for hundreds of dogs and cats who are not only abandoned, but are sick, neglected, abused or injured, stepping in before they are put to sleep.

These special animals need extensive vet care, surgery, hospitalization, or boarding which costs FFR thousands of dollars to save them and bring them back to good health. The dog or cat then recovers and blossoms in their foster home with TLC until they find their forever adoptive family.

Those with life-time medical illnesses or because of age become FFR Sanctuary pets where we take care of them for the rest of their lives.

However it is difficult for us to continue our work without your support! Donations are needed so we can continue to save these furry kids and provide them with a “Miracle” for life! Every little bit helps and is completely tax deductible, please consider a donation today, our “Miracle Club” and Sanctuary animals thank you for your support!

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