Update: 11/19/11

Rudolph after his surgery.Here is our brave Rudolph after his surgery on monday with his cast.  He is recovering well and his cast will be off soon.

Update: 11/12/11

Rudolph will be having his surgery on Nov. 14th. Please send him good thoughts so he’ll recover nice and smooth. Rulolph’s surgery cost is now estimated to be $3,000. With your previous contribution amount $768 was subtracted from $3000. So we are now raising $2,232 for Rudolph! Thank you everyone for support!


Adorable Rudolph and his sibling Blitzen & their mom Snowflake were rescued from an overcrowded shelter on Christmas Eve of 2010.

Rudolph is very affectionate and give lots of kisses to everyone.  Both Rudolph and his brother Blitzen suffers from condition called dry eye. Although Rudolph’s dry eye condition was easily manageable by daily eye drops, Blitzen’s condition was so bad that it required to have eye removal surgery. Thanks to our generous donors, Blitzen had successful surgery on March 22nd, 2011 and now able to live a comfortable life.

Now, Rudolph has been diagnosed with condition called Medial Patellar Luxation (MPL) on his left knee which means his left knee slips out of joint and cutting circulation off on his paw. We suspect these physical issues of this sweet brothers due to the in-breeding.

Rudolph was seen by an orthopedic surgeon who confirmed he needs surgery within one month. Cost for surgery is $3555 plus after care appointments and additional x-rays, so we are raising $4000 for Rudolph.

We rescue a lot of special need animals from our local shelters. The cost of treating them becomes hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars per animal (See our Purple Heart Miracle Club). We are really in need of raising funds for Rudolph and other special need animals.

Please consider donating for Rudolph or other special need animals!

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*This fundraising has been closed. Thank you for your help!

*Rulolph’s surgery cost is now estimated to be $3,000. With your previous contribution amount $768 was subtracted from $3000. So we are now raising $2,232 for Rudolph!

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