Halloween Safety – 2010

With Halloween just around the corner please remember the furry ones!  We don’t understand what Halloween is and maybe bolt or react negatively since there will be strangely dressed little ones running around and possibly loud noises and lots of chocolate (which is especially dangerous for pets)!

Important tips:

  1. Watch your pets as you open the door for trick or treaters, you don’t want them running out into the street and off into the night.
  2. Keep candy and candles out of reach as they might ingest or knock something over, causing a fire.
  3. Dressing them up? Make sure the costume is comfortable and safe for them – and that they are enjoying it!

For more tips visit ASPCA’s Halloween Tips for Pet Owners if you think your pet might have been poisoned, call their 24 hour Animal Poison Control hotline ($65 fee might apply) – (888) 426-4435

Also make sure you read our Holiday tips again to keep your pet safe!

>> Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

We hope you and your family have a safe and fun Halloween!