Kitten season is here!  There is an explosion of cats, kittens, and mother cats with kittens at all city animal shelters.

Time is very short for them due to lack of cage space and daily incoming kittens and cats.  Please help save a kitty life and adopt now or volunteer to be a foster home.

All shelters are full, but here are some kittens & moms in need at Los Banos Animal Shelter:  Please share this.

Furry Friends Rescue is in desperate need of donations to continue the rescue of hundreds of dogs/pups and cats/kittens of all ages from death row from many over-crowded animal shelters.  Animal Shelters are now more then 30% fuller then ever, so they need our help to take in animals out of time and cage space.

Due to many special medical needs dogs and cats in our “Purple Heart Miracle Club” our vet bills are getting very high (currently thousands of dollars)!  This coupled with extra vet care/treatments and boarding fees to save dogs from city animal shelters before they are euthanized means we need your support to continue our work.

Every dollar counts to save a innocent dog or cat’s life. All they need is vet care, TLC at a foster home and time to be adopted.  Your donation is urgently needed and greatly appreciated.  Please help us spread the word and share this information.  Our rescue dogs and cats “Thank You”!

adoptable! adoptable - needs foster home!

To Donate: