ASPCA Valentine’s Day Tips

We saw this article on ASPCA’s website and thought they were great tips!  Check it out!

Valentine’s Day can be as much fun for pets as it is for humans if dangerous foodsflora and other items are kept out of paws’ reach. Each year our poison control experts see a rise in cases around February 14, many involving chocolate and lilies, a flower that’s potentially fatal to cats. So please heed our experts’ advice—don’t leave the goodies lying around on Lover’s Day.

Pet-Safe Bouquets
Many pet owners are still unaware that all species of lily are potentially fatal to cats. When sending a floral arrangement, specify that it contain no lilies if the recipient has a cat—and when receiving an arrangement, sift through and remove all dangerous flora

For the entire article and all the tips, check it out at ASPCA’s Valentine’s Day Tips.