Meet Harry Potter!

Just in time for the movie, we’ve rescued one out of the shelter.. and just like magic (from our wonderful groomers).. he went from this..

Harry Potter-before

To this:

Harry Potter-after

Details of Harry Potter D02387

Type: Dog
Gender: Male
Breed: Bichon Frise / Poodle Mix
Age: 4 years
Hair/Color: White
Size: 20 lbs.
Housebroken: Yes

Poor Harry Potter was very badly neglected in horrible condition.  One of the worst we’ve seen.  Full of matts and very dirty like he has never been cared for all his life. How can anyone do this to a dog?   We will rescue him on 7/13/09.  Our vet office groomer gave him a full bath and Amazing make over.  He now feels clean and wow….gorgeous.  Dispite how neglected he is, he has a heart of gold.  In his cage at the shelter, he was depressed.  Once we took him out he bounded with happiness.  Chipper walk, cuddle and friendly.  He so cute and lovable.  Great with other dogs.  Loves going for a walk and treats.  Give you kisses.   He’s a wonderful and warm hearted boy who now needs to live a plushy life as a true family member.  More info. to come.