Each year animal shelters see a record number of strays during the 4th of July.  With all the commotion and fireworks going on it can be a very scary time for your pets!

So what can you do to help make sure your pet is safe?

1) Leave them at home! Your pet doesn’t know it’s a holiday and if they tend to be nervous around loud noises, thunder, and other loud activities, it’s best to just leave them at home.  They’ll feel safer and more comfortable, make sure your house is secured and your pet can’t get out.

2) Make sure their tags and microchip information is up to date. If they do get out, this will be the best chance you have of finding them or of them finding home.

3) Distract your pet. Tire out your pet before the nightly festivities.  If you’re not going to be home, get them toys and a safe place to “hide”.  Turn on the TV or some music to distract them from the loud noises outside.  If you are home, play with them or give them treats so they’re not thinking about the noise.

4) DO NOT leave them outside!! Pets who are normally okay with loud noises may not be okay with fireworks.  Many pets have escaped yards or hurt themselves trying to escape.

5) Consult a veternarian. If your pet is extremely anxious, talk to your vet to see if there are sedatives you can use.  There are also herbal calming solutions such as rescue remedy to help calm an animal down.

Also, please remember, NEVER leave a pet in the car on a hot day or night, the temperature in a car can quickly reach deathly levels within minutes and a dog’s internal body temperature is already 102 degrees.

We hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July with your Furry Friends!

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This is a piece I wrote for the Santana Row blog but it’s good to remember good pet etiquette whenever you’re out with your pet!  Click here to check it out on their website too!

Most pets always want to be with you and whenever possible, it can be great fun to bring your pet along, especially when it comes to shopping, outdoor dining, sitting at a cafe and walking around a park.  This is also good for dogs especially as it helps socialize us to different environements, smells, people and pets.  However, there are general rules of etiquette everyone should try to follow to ensure a safe and happy time to be had by all!

1) Be aware of where your pet is and what they are doing. Especially when shopping or pet friendly shopping areas or walking by outdoor restaurants, you don’t want your dog urinating on someone’s leg or merchandise!  Also keep in mind, not everyone likes animals and some are afraid.

2) Keep your pet leashed or contained. In areas where there is a lot of foot traffic, use a non-retractable leash for better control and safety, cats also often like being in strollers for safety reasons.

3) Clean up after your pet. No one wants to step in dog poop or see it on the street.  Help keep places clean and ensure they stay dog-friendly, pick up after your dog.  Respect the hard work of gardeners and try to keep your pets out of planters and flower beds.  Try to “empty”out your pet before heading into shopping or dining areas.

4) Ask before the Sniff! You never know how animals or people will react to each other, be polite and respectful.  Just as people should ask before petting a strange dog or cat, one should ask if it’s okay to let dogs greet each other.

5) Know when it’s best to leave your pet at home. Some situations might be more stressful for your pet or they may not be ready for a loud and noisy area.  Instead of being stressed with your pet, leave him or her at home, go have a good time and come back to a happy and rested pet.

Following these simple rules can help ensure that everyone, including you and your pet having an enjoyable outing!

Alfie D1593

Alfie D1593

Name: Alfie D1593
Type: Dog
Gender: Male
Breed: Cocker Spaniel Mix
Age: 8 years 4 months
Hair/Color: Red & White
Size: 24 lbs.
Housebroken: Yes

Alfie reminds mom a little bit of the dog she had before me, why?  Well he’s deaf.  But that doesn’t make him any less of a dog!  The only difference is that he doesn’t like being snuck up on, which now is easy to do because he can’t hear.  He also has a tendency to bark at full volume when he barks (which isn’t that often) because he doesn’t realize how loud he is.  Still, he’s a sweetie and would love a new home without any young children.  He really is a sweetheart and, boy does his nose work well since his ears don’t!  This dog can find food in an iron box I bet!

From the website:  Alfie was rescued 3/25/05 from Pinole Shelter.  He was adopted 6/19/05, but now needs a new adult home because his current home now has a toddler that he does not tolerate.  He is special needs since he is deaf.  He was neglected, so when he came to us he had bad ear infections that caused him a lot of pain and ear drum damage.  After several vet deep ear canal cleanings and antibotics, it did not help relieve the pain so he had to have ear drum surgery to remove the decaying membranes.  He is a brave trooper despite all he has been through.  He is very sweet, loves to snuggle on your lap and is well behaved.  He likes other dogs, and needs another dog in the household to be his ears.   He so deserves a family for life.  Alfie is courageous and wants to be your best friend for life…all heart and joy.

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