It’s sometimes hard to resist the cute little puppy in that pet store window, but then you might wonder where these dogs come from?  Unfortunately, most of these dogs are bred in puppy mills across the nation.  These mills often violate significant animal cruelty laws and are only in the business of making money, not caring for animals.

There are reports and documentation of multiple animals caged together in a space so small they can’t even lay down or turn around.  These cages are often made of chicken wire on all sides and stacked up high, so the animals at the bottom are covered in filth from animals in cages above them.  These dogs often end up with deformed paws, infected cuts and wounds, and other diseases from these living conditions.  They’re bred over and over until they cannot produce anymore and then they’re either killed or dumped somewhere.

How do these mills stay in business you ask? Because people are still creating a demand for them by purchasing animals at pet stores!  These puppy mills supply pet stores all across the nation and don’t care about the health or well-being of their animals.  There is also a high chance these animals are not getting the socialization or training that young puppies need.  The first few months of a puppy’s life are the most important in their development in becoming confident and happy.

We urge you and others to help stop the cruel and inhumane treatment of these animals!  Here are ways you can help:

1) Don’t increase the demand, don’t purchase any pets from a pet store and discourage others from doing so.

2) Boycott stores that sell puppies and kittens and let them know how you feel, politely and respectfully of course!

3) Write to your elected officials!  Make them aware of what’s going on and how you feel about it. Click here to find your elected officials.

4) Take Action!  Participate in local rallies or online petitions to get your voice heard.  The Humane Society is currently campaigning to stop Petland from selling pets, click here for more information.

5) Educate others!  There is definitely a lot of information out there, pass it on and help others learn about what’s going on!

Most of the links below are listed on our Resource Page under Pet Emergency.

First Aid

Just like First Aid for humans, there is First Aid for pets too!  With access to the internet you can easily find a lot of links to learn basic First Aid to care for your furry loved one.  Just the other day mom and I heard a story on the news about how a woman’s neighbor saved her dog’s life because she knew CPR for dogs, that’s incredible and could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.

You can even rent or buy DVDs about first aid or check out your local libraries for books!

ASPCA Pet Care and Tips

Make your own First Aid Kit for your Pet

Buy a First Aid Kit for your Pet

Pet Emergency First Aid: Dogs (2004)
Pet Emergency First Aid: Dogs

Dog lovers will welcome this indispensable video that covers the basic steps to take when your four-legged best friend needs urgent medical attention for an illness or after an accident. First-aid segments include vital information about rescue breathing, choking, drowning, poisoning, shock, heatstroke, fractures, car accidents, snakebites, hypothermia, burns and more. Endorsed by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Emergency Preparedness

Another way to keep your pet safe is to BE PREPARED! Especially in an emergency.  A lot of people had to leave their animals behind when Hurricane Katrina hit or lost their animals.  It helps to be prepared and ready for anything.  If you’re trapped in your home, it can take three days before someone can reach you, so make sure you at least have plenty of water and food to last that long.  Check out the following links for materials on preparing your family and furry loved ones for an emergency.

Prepare Your Pet for An Emergency – Great list of ways to prepare!

Humane Society – Disaster Center