Gifting Pets for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a season of giving.. and of gift giving!  If you’re thinking of giving a dog or a cat as a pet for someone else, please think thoroughly through your decision before picking up an animal.  We are BIG commitments and we want a forever home, not a seasonal one.

There are lots of things to consider when getting a new pet, can you afford the food, vet, and of course the ever important treat and toy bills?  Where are you going to get the animal?  There are so many puppy mills out there mistreating animals and if you purchase one from a pet store, there are strong chances you’re supporting those inhumane places.

Are you willing to commit to exercising the dog and spending time with the dog or cat?  Animals are definitely resilient, but who wants to stay home for 14-15 hours a day by themselves?  Dogs especially!  We’re pack animals and we want to be close to you.  Can we help that we want to please you and be near you, unconditionally loving you?   :-)

Take some time and think about the involvement it takes, especially if you’re getting this animal for someone else, like your children, parent, friend, etc.  We hope you’ll consider their time and effort and ability to care for us.  Quite often, animals are returned a few months after the holiday season or dumped at the shelter because people changed their minds or got bored or didn’t have enough time anymore.

I’m not writing this to deter anyone from getting a new pet as there are definitely enough animals in the shelter who need loving homes and could use a warm bed when it’s cold outside.  I just ask that people put in careful consideration when getting a new pet, just as you would any other time of the year.

Maybe instead of putting the dog or cat in a box/basket to surprise that special someone.. surprise them with a collar and then you can go find the right dog together!  Or better yet, make it an early gift and spend the time before the holiday’s to find the right addition to your family and give the best gift you can give to a shelter or rescue animal.. a loving, forever home!

So I leave you with a poem.. Forgotten Dog’s Christmas and hopeful wishes for all the shelter dogs and cats out there!