Welcome to the new Furry Friends Rescue Blog!

Morgan the FFR blogger
Morgan the FFR blogger
Well, Furry Friends Rescue (FFR) thought it would be nice to have a blog to share stories and tips about rescue animals! And who better to author the blog than one of their own rescue dogs…. me, Morgan!
I wanted to start this blog by telling you how these abandoned animals find their way to FFR. Most of us come from shelters anywhere in the bay area from the East Bay down to the South Bay, as far as Los Banos! Our dedicated volunteers visit local shelters and save animals who are in danger of being put to sleep, they temperament test and pull as many as our foster homes can hold and these lucky animals become FFR rescued dogs and cats!
I was personally rescued on May 7, 2007 from Los Banos Animal Shelter and transported to a vet’s office that works with FFR. After I was checked over and released a nice volunteer put me into crate for another car trip. Next thing I know I’m meeting another volunteer! She took me to her home and I got cuddles, play time and of course food! I love food! On the weekend we went to this event called an adoption showcase where I got to meet loads of new people and play with other dogs. The best part? They fed me treats! We were there for quite some time, I got lots of pets, treats, and people greeting me, it was great!
On Mother’s Day, May 13, 2007 I was officially adopted and home to stay forever! Guess where.. with my foster mom! She just fell in love with me and decided I had found my forever home.
I still go to showcases on the weekends to greet people and when we go out I wear my FFR volunteer t-shirt to advocate and encourage others to support shelter and rescue animals! There are so many animals at the shelter that are wonderful, loving, and waiting to be adored just like I was!
If you’re looking for a pet please take a look at some of our rescued animals and the ones at local shelters who desperately need warm, safe homes and people who will love them forever!