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Please Read Before Submit Your Application

Please complete the entire application. Bold text means required field. The person filling out this application must be an adult (21 yrs+) and the primary owner or renter of your home. Please complete the entire application so it will help us review for a match. *Note: San Francisco Bay Area only*


  1. All family members must be present at the adoption showcase and/or the home visit in order to meet and adopt the cat/kitten.
  2. Renters must provide a "Written Letter of Approval" from landlord allowing the pet.
  3. Dates and times of cat adoption showcases may be found in the Showcase Locations page.
  4. See our How to Adopt and FAQ page for information on criteria for adoptions.
  5. NOTE: A volunteer will contact you within 72 hours if the cat is available and a match. We look for life long matches based on the animal's activity level, training needs, care, personality and behavior traits. We do not have a shelter or office. Cats are home fostered by compassionate volunteers. Thanks!
Information About You

(We usually contact you by email first)

If you are renting, we require a written and signed approval from your landlord/property manager that you are allowed to have this cat live in your home.

We WILL ask for proof of home ownership documentation.

If no, please "stop" and talk to your landlord first for approval before proceeding with this application.

Basic Information
Showcases you typically attend?

(If not within 2 weeks, please submit your application when you are ready).

If so, we will contact them for reference.

Family Information

List names and ages of all people living in the home, including yourself.

Name Age

If you have pets currently, please list them below.

Type of Animal Age Sex Spayed/

Please list all the animals you have had in the past 10 years that are NOT LISTED ABOVE.

Type of Animal Age Sex Spayed/
Indoor/Outdoor What happened?

I certify that I am an adult (over 21 years) and primary home owner or renter of my home and that all information on this application is true. I understand that false information will void this application. I agree, understand and abide by Furry Friends Rescue interview procedures for a life long match, Home Visit and Adoption Agreement if a match. Please read our FFR "How to Adopt"

If everything looks OK press the Submit button. Important: If you do not get the "Thank You" email within a few minutes, then the application did not work. Likely a required field was missed on your application and you will need to fill that in before Submit will work.